Designer Spotlight: Dani Keith

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A brief story of what you do and why you do it

I honor the story of the wearer and I do it, because I know no other way.  I love to see the light in someone's eyes when they find their piece, like…it was made just for me {and it was}.

How did you get into jewelry design?

I needed to quiet my restless creativity during a time when my usual outlet {painting} was blocked. I am drawn to color and to challenge and started with beads and then realized that I needed more knowledge…I dove in head first and never looked back.

What makes your collection unique?

I celebrate imperfection and by process my work is definitely handmade.  While I can make multiples each has its own distinct character.

What are your inspirations?

I love classic design and then I like to funky it up a bit, so I draw great inspiration from architecture, furniture design and art.

How are you making a difference in your life?

I love the handmade community because it is generous with its knowledge. I believe in the artisan movement and therefor I am committed to being generous with my knowledge. Whenever I can help, I do.

What's something unusual about you that makes you “you”?

While I was an incorrigible tom bot as a child and would have run for the hills if my my mom came at me with anything pink. Pink is my primarily branding color, a fact that still makes mom chuckle everyday.

What's the biggest struggle in running your jewelry business like a business? OR What is your biggest success in running your business like a business?

I am or I feel like I am on the verge of the next big step in my business, it is the getting there or knowing where to go next that is what is confounding me.
I am a fabricator, a storyteller, a catalyst for creativity and designer of pretty things.
twitter:  danikeithartist
instagram:  danikeith