Designer Spotlight: Reshma Sandell

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A brief story of what you do and why you do it.

I come from an Indo Canadian background and Bollywood is in my blood. I noticed that there was not a big market for affordable ethnic jewelry in Canada. Yes, there are stores here that do sell Indian jewelry and they are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are not handmade but sourced from India. I wanted to make something distinct, unique and a style that would be affordable. So I decided to start my online jewelry business- Indian Inspired ethnic jewelry by AhKriti.

How did you get into jewelry design?

I love my accessories – hats, scarves, bags, shoes and of course jewelry. My husband would always chide that I spent way too much money on jewelry and that I should learn how to make them myself. Our move from Vancouver, BC to Mississisauga, ON gave me a lot of time in my hands and one afternoon, my husband packed me off to a beading class. My story to create jewelry began there.

What makes your collection unique?

My one of a kind pieces are mostly a fusion of ethnic and western wear. They are creations for the modern woman who is confident, bold and expressive. Just like I would like to flaunt my accessories I envision that the woman who buys my jewelry will want to wear it time and time again. Since my creations are usually vibrant with a burst of colors, I think the age group 20 years up should be wearing my line of jewelry

What are your inspirations?

I love using silver in my creations. Silver is such a metal that it makes gemstones look more exotic. But because its getting rather expensive I sometimes use other metals like pewter in my creations.

How are you making a difference in your life?

Jewelry designing is a de-stress mantra for me. I enjoy doing it and love that somebody likes my style of jewelry.

What's something unusual about you that makes you “you”?

I dislike the word IMPOSSIBLE. If I have made up my mind to do something, then I will go the whole nine yards to be successful!

What's the biggest struggle in running your jewelry business like a business?

My biggest struggle is to be great in marketing. All the online media that I have to undergo everyday is very draining.

About Reshma

Hello! I'm Reshma Sandell, a jewelry designer based in Toronto Canada and I design Indian Inspired Ethnic Jewelry under the name Ahkriti