How to Win Wholesale Accounts and Influence Buyers

How to Win Wholesale Accounts and Influence Buyers

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During this training you will discover…

  • How to leverage the New Economy of wholesale to identify and pitch the RIGHT stores for your jewelry brand.
  • Easy relationship building tools that will leave you feeling confident and courageous (even if you are super shy) and get buyers calling/emailing you back.
  • How to stand out in the sea of competition, open doors to get more meetings with buyers and turn every “NO” into a resounding “YES!”
  • The “4 Tools” that you need sorted NOW to look like PRO regardless if you are a newbie or already selling wholesale.
  • A glimpse inside the heads of retail buyers by learning the 5 Biggest Turnoffs that get you blacklisted. This insight ALONE will 10x your results!
  • How to build a holistic wholesale strategy that elevates your brand recognition and maximizes your credibility.

Bonus Q&A Session

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How to Win Wholesale Accounts and Influence Buyers!

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