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Mastering Wholesale – B


Attention Jewelry Designers

Do You Want to Reach MORE Raving Fans and DREAM Clients for Your Jewelry Business?

Then it's time to start getting your pieces into retail stores and specialty boutiques around the world!

Does this sound like you?

  • You currently sell (or plan to sell) your jewelry in retail stores or wholesale venues and you want to expand and sell to more stores. Your biggest desire is to land your jewelry into your DREAM accounts
  • You want to feel confident and courageous in your sales efforts, building a cycle of consistent reorders because of your strong, lasting relationships with your retail partners
  • You want to make a big impact on your DREAM stores by looking like a pro so you can stand out in a sea of competition. That means having your wholesale dossier in order and your jewelry priced for profitable wholesale
  • You truly want to understand the psychology behind and buying patterns of retail buyer to give your brand a competitive edge in wholesale

Unfortunately, selling your jewelry wholesale can also be difficult and frustrating! You might learn through trial and error — making plenty of mistakes along the way — or…

Let us share our knowledge and experience to help YOU skip the learning curve, and get straight to success!


Mastering Wholesale

tandrMastering Wholesale is a complete A-Z blueprint for building and growing a thriving wholesale business that will exponentially increase your brand’s exposure and attract HUGE orders for your jewelry from your DREAM stores.

There is a lot involved in building a wholesale business. And this virtual course was designed to teach you not only the fundamentals of getting your jewelry into boutiques and retails stores, but also to give you the tools and strategies you need to become wildly successful.

We'll show you how to flourish in the new, technologically-advanced economy of wholesale. We'll give you templates of sales pitches we use. And we'll teach you the ins and outs of finding sales representation, how to streamline production, and how to absolutely KILL IT at the next trade show you attend.

You can probably learn all of this on your own (through years of trial and error) OR you can leverage our experience and expertise to completely bypass the learning curve!

Designers who sell their jewelry in retail stores have more credibility and can gain bigger exposure to reach more of their raving fans and DREAM clients.


A Snapshot of Your Business in 5 Weeks…

  • Unique Advantage to Skip the Learning Curve and Impress Retail Buyers by Being Fully Professional and Prepared
  • Increase Your Profits by Creating a Marketable Collection that is Priced for Wholesale
  • Effortlessly Build Your Credibility and Attract More DREAM Clients, Press and Media Opportunities with New Exposure
  • Build Long Lasting Buyer Relationships that Result in Repeat Orders that Account for 80% of Your Sales

Join Mastering Wholesale and take the fast track to wholesale success!

I'm Ready, Sign Me Up!


I was picked up by a few of my top 10 dream accounts…

At the summer NY Now show, I was able to open more new accounts and attract more traffic to my booth. This is because F&T helped me to focus on developing a stronger collection for my dream stores, spend more time marketing to the dream stores and improve my overall booth presentation. I was picked up by a few of my top 10 dream accounts (Virtu, Kuhl Linscomb) and I reconnected with some old accounts (Laughing Dog Gallery, Grand Hand Gallery).Ann Chikahisa, ChikahisaStudio.com


If you intend to approach retailers, do yourself a favor and take this course FIRST!

Like all F&TA courses, Mastering Wholesale is well thought out, delivers amazing content and is manageable in terms of time and budget. I really enjoyed the training on pricing plus I felt totally prepared to approach retailers because of the step-by-step guidance I received. I’m no longer consigning my jewelry and I gained several new accounts after taking the course.Catherine Preston, CatherinePrestondesign.com

Success in Wholesale Will Change Your Business…


Increase Your Brand Exposure Exponentially

Though the internet has a global reach, it is really just one venue people go to when they are buying jewelry.

Selling wholesale is a great way to widen your reach and multiply your exposure. Each new store carrying your jewelry markets to a multitude of clients who might not otherwise find you.


Gain Complete Validation of Your Brand and Your Products

What is the difference between a home craft jewelry hobbyist and a high profile jewelry designer? Nothing besides the perception of your potential clients.

When a customer walks into their favorite boutique and sees your jewelry under the glass or hanging from a display, you immediately gain their trust in the quality, style, and professionalism of your products. Are you ready to become a “real” brand?


Create a New Revenue Stream to Boost Your Bottom Line

You may never take a bigger step in the journey to turn your passion into a full-time revenue source. With the mastery of wholesale comes multiple partners in marketing, lower packaging and shipping costs, and the power to move inventory in bulk.

At first the margins won’t seem as attractive selling your pieces one-by-one over the internet, but in reality the revenue potential of wholesaling is tremendous!


Streamline Your Production and Improve Your Design Process

When selling wholesale you are moving your inventory in large quantities. Buyers are probably going to order about 12 pieces. And that is just the starting point. Over time, you’ll be attracting orders potentially of 20, 30 or even 100 units!

The large orders force two changes in your business. You will need to streamline your production to meet demand in an efficient manner. And you will have to narrow your designs to one or two collections. Streamlining production and narrowing your product lines will open up your creativity and make the design process much more focused and enjoyable.


Forge Long Lasting Relationships

One of the greatest joys of the biz is creating long lasting relationships. As a wholesale jewelry designer, it’s going to happen a lot!

It is different than selling individual pieces to strangers over the internet. You are creating a partnership with your buyers, reps, and production team. You will work closely together with your partners to bring the jewelry to the customer and you will forge bonds based on camaraderie and shared success.

Are You Ready to Start Building and Growing a Thriving Wholesale Business on Your Terms?

Choose the plan that work's best for you. Lifetime access included.

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A letter from the founders…

Hi there!

We are Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer, founders and lead coaches at Flourish & Thrive Academy. We wanted to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves…

Tracy started her first jewelry business selling to retail stores back in 1998. Over the course of 11 years, Tracy’s designs were sold in over 350 boutiques and specialty stores around the world.

Robin is an independent sales and marketing consultant. She is a master in the art of the relationship and during Robin’s five year stint as director of sales, Dogeared’s business increased by 800%.

We’re pooling every ounce of our experience, insider knowledge, and industry connections to become a complete resource for all your wholesale needs and concerns!


Mastering Wholesale Course Curriculum

A 5-week virtual program for Jewelry Designers


How to Get Started (Or Restarted) in Your Wholesale Business / The Basics

In the first module we will help you pull together the fundamentals of a wholesale business the RIGHT way. You’ll discover how to develop your collection with a wholesale strategy in mind, the essentials you need to create a total brand package, and our expert strategies for making the most of your wholesale experience.

  • Wholesale:: an Overview
  • Developing a Collection for Wholesale that Blows Buyers Away
  • Wholesale Essentials for Creating a Total Brand Package
  • Making the Most of Your Wholesale Experience

The New Economy of Wholesale (Differences from Now & Then)

Wholesale has changed so much in the last 20 years, especially with the internet! In this module we will take you through the “New Economy” of wholesale and show you how you can leverage modern technology to improve your production, develop lasting relationships and grow your wholesale business.

  • Now and Then:: The New Economy of Wholesale
  • How Buyers are Finding Designers in the New Economy + Wholesaling in the Internet Age
  • Production Secrets for Success in Wholesale
  • Secrets to Successful Vendor Relationships

Sales Support and Sales Systems / Relationship Marketing

Sales in wholesale is all about building and nurturing strong relationships with your retail accounts. We will teach you the relationship building fundamentals, then show you how to create systems to streamline the process. We also have a secret power tool that is going to help you maximize the sales potential of every single account your land!

  • The Fundamentals of Relationship Marketing
  • Creating Sales Systems for Relationship Building
  • Developing Exceptional Client Experiences
  • The Power Tool that is Often Forgotten

To Rep or Not to Rep: The Ins and Outs of Representation for Your Brand

Consistent sales are the lifeblood of your business and there are many ways to keep that flow of sales coming in! In this module we will give you the skinny on showrooms & reps. We will also show you how to form an effective sales team and give you some extra strategies for using showrooms and independent reps to sell your jewelry.

  • Getting the Skinny on Showrooms & Reps
  • Wholesale Sales Systems: Forming an Effective Team
  • Successful Representation Strategies

Trade Shows

Tradeshows are still alive and kicking in this modern age, but (like everything else) they have evolved quite a bit. If you don’t play it right, you stand to waste a lot of time and a lot of money! In this module you will discover how to select the right trade show for YOUR business and how to build and merchandise a booth that attracts buyers!

  • Trade Shows: Are They Still Viable Places to Wholesale?
  • Trade Show Discernment: Selecting the Right Show for Your Business
  • The Fundamentals of a Booth that Attracts Buyers
  • Trade Show Best Practices

We've Also Included the Following Resources & Bonuses:

F&TA Wholesale Lingo Cheatsheet

lingo2Get caught up quick on the wholesale lingo and you will be talking like a pro in no time. ($98)

F&TA Retail Store List

storelist2This will save you hours of data mining the internet in search of retail stores to contact. ($298)

F&TA Tradeshow Guide

tradeshows2It’s your turn to be the talk of the tradeshow. Learn how to stand out and shine! ($298)

F&TA Sales Templates

sales2These professional templates will ad an immediately upgrade to your credibility. ($98)

F&TA Wholesale Guest Speaker Interviews

interviews2Interviews that complement each module PLUS many more that will be added on an ongoing basis. ($2498 – well really priceless)

Mastering Wholesale is an Incredible Value!

Value of Course Curriculum: $8,000

Value of Resources and Bonuses: $3,290

total value: $11,290

your investment: Much Less!


Our no obligation love it or leave it guarantee!

As always, we want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our Mastering Wholesale course. That’s why we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Try it out for two weeks! If you do the work, show us your results and you are still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

*Must ask for refund within two weeks of payment.

Just Think… Imagine Your Jewelry in Your DREAM Boutiques and Specialty Stores Around the World…

If you want to increase exposure, credibility, and sales in your brand, this is the BEST way to do it!

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I landed 3 new DREAM accounts just after taking Mastering Wholesale!

The course has me well equipped to grow the wholesale side of my business even more this year. Coming from a sales background, I felt the sales training was on-point. I would definitely recommend the course because it covers everything you need to know from A-Z for success in wholesale.EMMY TRINH, EMMYTRINH.COM


The entire course is invaluable, especially the training on pricing for wholesale.

As a newbie to wholesale, I was a little nervous about reaching out to stores on my own. I now feel totally professional and prepared, like I have been selling in stores for years. The entire course is invaluable, especially the training on pricing for wholesale. I’m glad I understand all of the costs and calculations involved so I don’t “shoot myself in the foot” later.GINGER HERBEIN, SincerelyGingerJewelry.com


My entire attitude and outlook for my jewelry business has turned around.

I was going into my 10th year and felt like a complete failure. I was heavily contemplating quitting my jewelry business. Now, not only is my business thriving, but my entire attitude and outlook for my jewelry business has turned around. I learned how to create a proper collection and how to present it to wholesale clients and the press. BROOKE MOSHER, BROOKLYNDESIGNS.CA

P.S. Mastering Wholesale — a self-paced course designed to teach you the fundamentals of building and growing a thriving wholesale business on your terms — is a MUST take course for any jewelry designer who has ever considered selling wholesale or who has struggled doing so. Try it now!

P.P.S. With our money back guarantee, this is a completely RISK FREE opportunity. Click Here and begin your thriving wholesale career now!

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