#123 3 Easy Steps to Create a Jewelry Promotion that Gives Back

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Giving back part of your profits is a great way to build brand loyalty! It shows you’re a real-live person!


One great example of how to do this is our very own, Cheryl Fuhs of SS Magpie jewelry. I am thrilled to have one of our very own here on the show today! Highlighting designers in our community that are doing great things and taking action in their business is always fun for me! Cheryl whipped together a fundraiser in no time flat, all for a cause she’s super passionate about!


Cheryl has so much to share! Not only from a strategy perspective, but also how she’s using her jewelry business to really align with her dreams and goals. Seriously she’s so inspiring! You won’t wanna miss this.


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Strike While the Iron is Hot


Hurricane Irma passed through the Caribbean earlier this year. Cheryl had friends that were affected and she visited some of the islands and saw the devastation first hand. Needless to say, this cause was super close to her heart so she decided to take action! Timing is so key! She knew she had to work quickly, she wanted to put something out while Irma was still fresh in everyone’s minds. Within days of hearing about the hurricane, she had her idea ready and was putting it out there. This is so great. Timing will totally help your Dream Clients connect to your cause!


Simple Sells


It doesn’t have to be complicated! Think about where you can reach the most people right now. Maybe you like Facebook. Maybe Instagram is more you thing? Use what you have and just start telling people about it! In Cheryl’s campaign, she created one image and used it for everything she posted. It helped build recognition for her fundraiser and she didn’t need a ton of content! Double win!


Don’t Be Shy!


Talk about your stuff! Post about it everyday. Send out emails. Facebook live can be a great tool for this! Hop on once a day and give a little mini update. Talking about it is the only way to get people interested! Keep things personal as well! Tell people why you’re doing the promotion and let them see your passion for it. People will totally love hearing why it’s so important to you! xo, Tracy P.S. We have an awesome sponsor for this episode, Nina Designs.


I love Nina Designs for so many reasons, but in particular they’re a jewelry supply company specifically built for jewelry designers. They have a wide variety of supplies including charms, tassels, leathers, bindings, and so much more! What makes this company so amazing is Nina Cooper herself. She’s been on the show before and is super awesome! Seriously check out her new website today, you won’t be disappointed!