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Archive for March 2018

#142 How to Overcome Terrible Etsy Sales

Terrible Etsy sales

Getting started with your jewelry brand on Etsy is simple. But attracting repeat customers can be really tricky! Usually the reason people don’t buy consistently is because there’s no way for you to keep the conversation going after you made the first sale. That’s where it’s really important to get strategic about how you follow…

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#140 PR for Jewelry Designers with Sabina Hitchen

What’s the best way to get more exposure for your jewelry business?   Getting featured by the media!   You might be thinking, “easier said than done!” but it’s actually not as mystifying as you think to get PR for jewelry designers!   Jewelry is a great industry to get lots of press attention because…

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#139 How to Create a Brand Video on a Budget

Creating connection with your future customer is so easy when you create a brand video. The most common myth I hear is “it’s too expensive!” Absolutely not, m’dear! I actually found a great deal on my brand video and used it for several years, so I got a really great value! So if you’re looking…

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