#141 5 Tweaks You Can Make to Your Emails to Improve Conversions

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Email marketing is all about experimenting and adjusting to improve conversions.

It’s not just a one and done trick!

That’s why so many jewelry designers and makers get frustrated when they try to improve conversions in their email marketing.

It would be super awesome if you could set up an email sequence and walk away with a handful of cash, but I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way m’dear!

What you can do is try something for a few months, then adjust and pivot as you go!

That’s what will quickly improve email conversion rates for your jewelry business.

I have specific tips on today’s episode so hit play to get started!

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Visual Headers

People are very visual. So when they open an email, make it very obvious it’s from you! Include a header image in your emails that have your logo and tagline.

Something simple that says, “hey, it’s from that jewelry designer I love!” that signals them to keep reading. It also helps build your brand recognition which is always helpful!

Spruce up Your Call to Action

Include buttons or images that link to your website! People are skimmers, no one is reading every single word you write. Make sure you highlight these CTAs with graphics, colors, and images that get people interested!

Hyperlinked text is fine, but if you can include pretty buttons or creative images for your call to action it will improve your conversion rates! Again, experiment with a few things and see what your dream clients like best!

Be Bossy

You have to tell people what to do and when to do it! Get a little bossy, m’dear! Don’t just tell them to buy, give them a hard deadline!

This creates both urgency and scarcity. It puts a date in their mind where if they don’t take action before then, they’ll lose out on something awesome! People aren’t mind readers and they aren’t gonna take the time to guess what you want them to do next!

Help them out with strong calls to action and deadlines for promotions or sales!

xo, Tracy


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