3 foolproof practices I used to create FREEDOM in my jewelry business

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Author:: Tracy

A few years ago, I took off on Vacation during the busiest selling season for jewelry and went to India for a month.

Most of my peers thought I was crazy for even attempting to leave during the holidays for a vacation!

For many years I felt tied down by my business. It seemed so contradictory too, since the entire reason I wanted to start my own business was to have flexibility and freedom in my life (and to not be tied down by my J-O-B).

Making a commitment to leave was a great practice for me for a few reasons. It gave me permission to let go and delegate and it allowed me an opportunity to put faith in my team.

My business generate 50% of total revenue in the final quarter of the year. In order for me to leave, my business needed the proper infrastructure. I was putting my production system to the test and taking a huge financial risk if it didn’t go well.

So the question is, what did I do that allowed this FREEDOM?

#1:: I set up a repeatable process or system for my entire production process.

This may sound simplistic, however it’s easy to slip up on this one. With the help of my team, I created a system from start to finish of how everything happened once a Purchase Order came in. There are many ways that a production system can be set up. The more important theme is that you handle orders coming in all the way through production the same way every single time.

Even if you don’t have official employees, it is important to document your process so that someone can eventually step in and make your pieces without much thought.

(Robin and I are so excited about our Volume 2 course since we are spending on whole week on setting up your jewelry production even if you are a solo business.)

#2:: I gave my employees & contractors space to step up and lead.

Since we had taken the time to set up a foolproof system for production, it was time to put the system to the test. When I left, I was terrified that something would go wrong and I wouldn’t be around to clean up the mess. It’s amazing what happens when you give empower your team to make decisions and take charge. If you train them correctly, they will know how to handle just about any situation.

#3:: I took off my hats and stepped away.

If I wanted a life that felt FREE, I needed to start asking for it and letting go. The biggest part of the process is trusting that what you have set up is viable and then testing to see if your protocol actually works. In order for me to ever be able to step away again, I knew I needed to do it this first time. You see, my dream had always been having a business that allowed me the FREEDOM to step away, not one that I was tied too.

The final result? I came back from my month abroad a new woman: Happy, Healthy and Re-energized.

In the comments below answer these questions::

Do you have a business that allows you the FREEDOM to walk away for a month?

What fears hold you back from trying to step away?

What would be your DREAM scenario for business FREEDOM??

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