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The Best Background for Jewelry Photography

background for jewelry photography

Do I need a white background for my jewelry pictures? The short answer is, “yes” You make beautiful jewelry so why not display it in the best way possible? A crisp, white background for jewelry photography is the best way to accurately show your designs. It’s fun to get creative displaying your jewelry on pottery,…

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As a jewelry designer or maker, you’re probably interested in moving to online sales. There’s so much upside and flexibility for you, but getting traction in a crowded online space is tough. Next thing you know, you’re not getting enough sales to keep your business going and you’re in frustration station! Totally get it! I’ve…

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#100 Top Insights from The Past 5 Years of Flourish & Thrive

jewelry business insights

It’s time to celebrate! We love all things birthday here at Flourish & Thrive…and on July 5th we are celebrating F&TA’s 5th birthday! This is also our 100th episode of Thrive by Design, which is super awesome they fall on (almost) the same day!!! Building a business can be really tough (hashtag #thestruggleisreal)… But it…

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