3 Steps to Honor Yourself During the Holidays

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Do you feel frazzled these last few days before Christmas? I know I do.

Every year, without fail, I feel burned out right before Christmas comes. In fact, I shipped my last three orders of the year yesterday!

For jewelry designers, the Holiday season is often quite hectic because it’s our top selling season. Instead of being able to enjoy holiday merriment, we are making, packing and shipping orders right up till the last minute — which means no time for ourselves!

It can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Enjoying all we’ve accomplished and spending time with our families and friends are the most important parts of the holiday season.

Just like you, Robin and I have been working really hard to prep for our new training series that is launching in January. Make sure you keep your eyes out for the it the week of January 5th. 

We’ve decided to take the last week of the year to take care of ourselves and honor all that we did accomplish this year, so we’ll be taking next week off from Blogging and Designer Spotlight!

Before we head out on break, I wanted to share a few tips that have really helped me honor myself over the years (and take care as well). Honoring yourself is an important part of the business cycle: If you are always going, going, going with no down time, you aren’t going to have very much fuel to keep your business in prime position.

Today, I’m walking you through 3 Steps to Honor Yourself During the Holidays 

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In the comments below, I want to hear the following:

  1. List 2-3 things you are acknowledging and celebrating this year!
  2. Tell me at least one way you are going to take exquisite self-care of yourself within the next week.

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