5 tips to make your Pinterest boards irresistible to follow

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#1. It’s all about what THEY love:

While creating your Pinterest boards you will definitely have to keep your ideal clients in mind. After all, aren’t you creating these boards for them to enjoy?

So as jewelry designers, I’m guessing your clients love bangles and beads and of course fashion should be a big hit! Some obvious great board ideas would be beauty finds, some great hairstyle pictures, a bit of glamour, lifestyle, celebs, home décor…. But you can go deeper, and it really all depends on who your ideal client is.

For instance, let’s say I am a jewelry designer like Tracy who creates one-of-a-kind custom pieces. Then I would create specific boards for weddings, birth announcements, prom celebrations, anniversaries, etc….Her typical clients might be in the midst of organizing their weddings or baby showers. You want to inspire them and if you inspire them, they will follow you.

Another example is if I’m designing edgy jewelry for hipsters, I would create some boards themed around their own lifestyle. For instance, I would put together a board about music & bands they like, some foodie inspiration, I’d add some vintage finds, and DIY ideas…You see what I mean?

#2. Save the hot spot for your own benefit!

You see that hot spot, that first row of boards? Put your best content on there. Keep the middle board for your own content. You know you must fill you board with great inspirational pictures, but you should reserve at least one board for your own content, pins that drive people right back to your own website. It’s a must if you want Pinterest to be worth it. Also, try to incorporate your own content in the other beautiful boards you have created. Drop a few pictures here and there. Sprinkle your jewelry, your blog post, your press releases, your behind the scenes pictures among your other boards as well, mix them in. But don’t forget to use this middle top board for your own content only, it is usually the most visited.

Here is an example of a small indie designer that is nailing it. She is an illustrator and a crafter, See how she is using the hotspot for her own products.
Plus, her ideal clients surely enjoy things like home decor, fashion, handmade products, crafts, patterns & packaging. The great thing is she can insert her own products in those boards as well. Most importantly, she is creating an inspiring place to hang out.

You can visit this board right here: https://pinterest.com/depeapa/

You might know this already, but just in case: you can rearrange your boards by clicking the little icon on the right of the “edit profile” button. Drag each board where you want it to be, and then save the changes by clicking the red check mark.

#3. Strive for quality, not quantity

I want to continue to do well in school, go to college, and eventually have my own boutique or work with major designers.

I only pin pictures I find to be remarkably beautiful. I try to respect a particular aesthetic for each board I have in place. For instance, I have a board called Wonderland. It’s all about dreamy pictures, an Alice & Wonderland vibe, pink, white, soft, girly finds. I select specific pictures to create an atmosphere. You might wonder why I've created a board called “Wonderland”? Well it’s because I know my typical client is usually a dreamer, an idealist and someone who likes to get lost within beautiful pictures.

Have a look at the board right here: https://pinterest.com/babasouk/wonderland/

Don’t be afraid of going back to your boards and delete the pins you find no longer fit in! I do it all the time. It’s called curating, ladies, and it’s good.


#4. Use the like button as a bookmarking tool

A nice trick I’ve discovered is while I’m browsing among pins, I usually do a lot of “liking” and less “pinning”. The cool thing about liking the picture if you are not so sure you want to pin it yet, or if you want to save it for later, is that they will be actually bookmarked into your “Likes” and accessible for later review. I usually go back to my “likes” after a Pinterest session and then I repin my favorites into the corresponding board.

#5. Don’t be afraid to follow other people to get inspired

Don’t forget Pinterest is a social media, so get social! I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend among big players that have something like 159,999 followers and they are only following 124 accounts. I would not recommend that strategy. The thing is you really can get great inspiration directly from your feed when you are carefully following inspiring pinners. Get out there and do your research. Who has the best wedding pinterest inspiration? Fashion, beauty, home decor etc…Go ahead and follow them, even if they are unpopular at the moment, as long as they inspire you, it’s a good thing to follow them!

That’s it, ladies! Now hop onto Pinterest and try to implement these 5 tips. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Website: https://babasouk.ca/
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/babasouk/