Flourish & Thrive Live



September 22nd-23rd | at Studio Arte

** Limited Seats Available and We Expect to Sell-Out Soon! **

You Have Big Goals and a Solid Vision for Your Jewelry Business, but You Aren’t Crystal Clear on How to Get There.

And because you aren’t crystal clear, you’re frustrated! Maybe you aren’t even sure if the actions you're taking are really the RIGHT actions in the first place.

Nobody wants to waste time. You've got much better things to do….

Come let us show you YOUR version of “Next Level” success.

Growing a successful jewelry brand is NOT rocket science…

But the truth is…

All the theory and training in the world is just that, if you don’t know which steps to take.

And if you aren’t taking action or identifying the “missing links” between where you are now and where you want to be, you’ll always be struggling and missing your goals.

That’s where we come in…..


Flourish & Thrive Live is a one of a kind event!

This 2-day event was originally designed for our Mastermind Group, our highest level program.

However, we've opened up a limited number of seats for a few lucky designers who are ready to take action and get results.

(Grab your spot now)

You’ll be in an intimate setting filled with our F&TA coaches, mentors and jewelry industry experts — including PR Masters, Branding Geniuses, Acclaimed Designers, Showroom and Store Owners, and Jewelry Business Specialists.

How are we going to help you? Get ready to…

  • Discover the true VALUE you provide as a brand so that attracting new clients and keeping existing clients is easy peasy.
  • Uplevel your communication and sales skills. No more struggling to talk about your brand story.
  • Become a master at pitching yourself and your brand. No more crappy emails or timid phone calls that never get responded to.
  • Feel much more CONFIDENT in just about every way with renewed clarity and motivation.
  • Get direct FEEDBACK from our panel of experts and be able to connect with them in person (solid gold right there).
  • Walk away with a total business check up that clearly maps out the BEST steps to take NEXT to get the results you really want.

There will never be an experience like this again… and we want you to join us!

So level up! Come join us and connect in person so we can show you the clear path to the business success you CRAVE.

Here's a Sneak Peek Into Your Flourish & Thrive LIVE Experience!


Session #1

Revealed: The Real Reason People Buy Your Jewelry w/ Tracy Matthews

Jewelry is a special purchase. And the reasons people are actually buying your jewelry run a lot deeper than you might think. Selling your jewelry is easy when you can appeal to the emotional reasons your potential clients and customers buy.

During Tracy’s opening keynote, we’ll dive deep into the psychological motivators behind the value you communicate and the real reasons people are actually buying your jewelry.

It’s simpler and deeper than you think.

You’ll walk away with a revved up communication and marketing plan to take action and attract more customers right away.


Session #2

The Anatomy of a PR Pitch (That Gets Opened and Responded To) w/ Sabina Hitchen

If you haven’t had great success with your in house PR efforts, you're in for a treat.

In this interactive session, Sabina Hitchen will be walking us through the anatomy of a pitch that gets opened and responded to! Learn what editors and bloggers are looking for and upgrade your pitching skills in the process. Plus, she’ll be live workshopping your pitches with a few lucky designers.

Walk away with a crystal clear template for writing PR pitches that get you 10 times the exposure and loads of PR placements.


Session #3

Branding YOU: Q&A with Kimra Luna

You are a superstar… and, as the mastermind behind your beautiful jewelry brand, your DREAM clients want to know more about your creative genius.

Learn from THE leader in personal branding (and blue haired mega-star), Kimra Luna, exactly how and how much of your personality to incorporate into your messaging, social media and just about all of your marketing and sales efforts.

Whether you are a bit shy and want to infuse a bit more of your personality into your branding and marketing or a complete extrovert and want to step up and shine (or someplace in between) you’ll leave with a renewed sense of how to brand YOU with your jewelry biz.

Session #4

Pitch Perfect: Getting Noticed by Showrooms, Reps and Retail Buyers w/ Megan Dolbee & Kim Dziabis



Interested in finding a sales rep or showroom? Want to know what retailers are REALLY looking for when picking up a new line?

This session is going to rock your world! Megan Dolbee of Harris Dolbee Showroom and Kim Dziabis a former specialty boutique owner/buyer are going to share their two-pronged approach to presenting to showrooms and retail stores. You’ll learn the who, what, where and when behind successful pitching and presentation.

After this session, you’ll be equipped to attract the perfect sales rep or showroom. Plus, you’ll be booking appointments with your DREAM stores in no time.


Session #5

Break Out Session: Wellness for Makers w/ Missy Graff Ballone

Self-care is mandatory if you want to run a successful business. Otherwise, burnout sneaks in. Plus, jewelry making and design in general can be hard on the body and mind.

In this short break out session, Missy Graff Ballone will show you some wellness techniques to help you take better care of yourself on and off the bench.

Session #6

Getting Noticed Panel Discussion: The Insiders Guide to Standing out in a Sea of Thousands of Designers

Buyers, editors, stylists and showroom directors are bombarded with requests on a daily basis from designers just like you.

Ever wonder which designers they decide to feature and which they don’t? Or are you wondering how to get noticed in this environment where you could throw a rock and hit a jewelry designer?

You are in luck! In our first of two panels, we have a real treat for you.

The following Insiders (and a few surprise guests)…

taraTara Silberberg, Owner, The Clay Pot

liz-kantnerLiz Kantner, StayGold.com and Curator JA New York

kdzKim Dziabis, Madisonbelle and Lena Skadegard

Sample-PhotoMegan Dolbee, Director, Dolbee Harris Showroom

kristinKristin Hanson, Designer, ijewl.us

sabinaSabina Hitchen, Sabina Knows

…Are here LIVE and in-person to answer your questions about getting noticed in a sea of thousands of designers

Leave with some tactical knowledge and a deeper understanding of how to stand out as a designer (and get more exposure).


September 22nd – 23rd | New York City

** Limited Seats Available **


Session #7

Lean In, Get Messy, Find Your Superpowers and Be a Badass w/ Gwynne Ruckenbrod Smith

Ever wonder what you are REALLY meant to be doing? Or what you are REALLY good at?

It goes beyond JUST making beautiful jewelry. In this interactive talk, the dynamic Gwynne will take you step-by-step through how to identify your superpower so you can spend more time doing what you are best at.

Leave with the confidence to own it and the validation to use your superpower to build the best business for you!


Session #8

Increase Your Confidence and Master the Art of Selling w/ Robin Kramer

Sales confidence can be a constant struggle, especially if you feel too close to your brand.

Robin will walk you through the principles of selling from a place of service to help you build your confidence muscles. Gone are the days of pushy sales efforts. Hello sharing economy!

You'll walk away with tactical sales tools to double your sales.

Session #9

Jewelry Business Booster Session w/ Tracy Matthews, Robin Kramer, Inta Ievins, and and Mariel Diaz

ninaTracy Matthews & Robin Kramer, Co-founders of F&TA

intaInta Ievins, MyStrategyExpert.com

marielMariel Diaz, AccountingforJewelers.com

During this interactive session, we’ll be diving into where you are now and where you want to be in business.

We’ll workshop together to identify the steps you need to take to reach your goals in life and business.

Walk away with an action plan to actually achieve your big dreams and desires in life and biz.


Session #10

Success on Your Terms: Next Level Growth Plan (Regardless of Where you are in Business) w/ Nina Cooper

We all have a different definition of success, right? Maybe for some, success looks like “lifestyles of the rich and famous.” While for others success is just some side cash to pay the bills.

(Probably for most, it’s someplace in between.)

Whether you are “in it to win it” or just want more time with your family and some extra income to help with the bills, you are in luck.

Nina will walk you through her step-by-step process to get you clear on what it is that YOU want and how to build your business based on your values. You’ll walk away with a “next level” growth plan that supports your DREAM Biz.

Session #11

Panel Discussion: Gettin’ All Up in Your Biz Incubator

You are in for a super sweet treat! Ok, so as creative types, dishing biz talk isn’t always the most exciting thing. However, we’re gonna change your view on that in this interactive panel discussion with some of our fave jewelry biz gurus.

From finances, to inventory, to setting up your production, to winning grants, to building a business based on what you value most, we got you covered. Come prepared with questions because these experts are ready to dive in.

Mastermind with some of the best business minds in the jewelry industry like…

ninaNina Cooper, NinaDesigns.com

hilaryHilary Halstead Scott, Halstead Bead

EmilieEmilie Shapiro, Designer and author

intaInta Ievins, MyStrategyExpert.com

marielMariel Diaz, AccountingforJewelers.com

(Oh and by the way… those last two ladies are two of F&TA’s finest Mastermind coaches!)

p.s. We love surprises so hang tight, because we might pop a little surprise in on you!

Get Your Ticket Before Flourish & Thrive Live Is SOLD-OUT!

With limited seating and an ALL-STAR lineup of speakers, this event will definitely sell-out soon. Don't miss it!


It was such a powerful experience.

There was so much momentum, collaboration and information shared. Being able to connect in person was by far the highlight of my 2015 mastermind experience and a big reason why I chose to participate as a 2016 mastermind.

I was able to meet the buyer for one of my largest wholesale accounts during the panel event (she was a speaker) and it really helped strengthen our relationship. I continue to work closely with her to this day. Karina Harris, wafflesandhoney.com

Discover “What's Missing” and Upgrade Your Brand to Platinum Status in this 2-Day Event!




This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity…

Never again will the same people be gathered together in the same room to mastermind.

This unique jewelry industry event is designed solely to help you take specific action and move towards your goals.

We only request that you show up and bring your “A” Game…

No sobbing over your jewelry bench or crying in your gembox. This event is for action takers who are serious about creating a brand, making more sales and having fun at the same time.

All you need to bring is a desire to level up your biz, a spirit of collaboration, a large appetite for learning and a willingness to dig in and get your hands dirty.

This is NOT a boring seminar…

You won’t come all the way to NYC just to sit in a chair and be talked at. Flourish & Thrive Live is an interactive experience!

We’ll spend two entire days laser-focused on turning your brand into the best version of itself. You will discover new marketing strategies, practice your sales techniques, and be surrounded by incredible energy and determination.

Get ready for…


Keynote Speakers

Learn cutting-edge jewelry biz strategies from some of the jewelry industry’s leading influencers. There is nothing more powerful than in-person instruction from the best-of-the-best.

Each keynote will be packed with high-value, actionable content. No other event in the world offers this quality of live, focused, jewelry biz coaching to help you increase your sales, get more exposure and develop the backend systems that will make running your business so much easier.

Get ready to upgrade your brand and dominate your jewelry niche.


Live Discussion Panels

Have you ever wished you knew exactly what your DREAM retails buyers or store owners are looking for? Are you curious about the secrets to landing and motivating the best sales reps in the biz? Ever wonder what those editors are really looking for?

Well, we’ve got that and so much more.

Both days will end with LIVE panels where you can connect, ask questions and get answers from retail buyers, showroom owners, PR experts, and backend jewelry business mavens!

Get direct, invaluable access to the industry influencers who are giving away their all the secrets (build a successful brand with the snap of your fingers).


Hotseat Exercises and Breakout Sessions

Mastermind groups are SO powerful. Often times we get so stuck in our own way because we can’t see what is obvious to others. That’s why we’ll be doing small group exercises, workshopping with our experts and role playing to help you solve those pesky issues that keep you up at night

(insert sky opening up noise here)

Personalized… intense… life-changing… Those are the best ways to describe the type of feedback and insights you will receive while you sit on the hot seat.

But there is more to business growth than learning business skills…

There's also a secret superpower that you will ONLY find at this event…

You’ll have a unique “connection” opportunity…

Networking is a boring word… connection is what this event is all about..

There’s nothing like that “meeting people in the flesh” experience.

Forget connecting in a FB group or chatting via email or even live video over skype… there’s just no comparison to in-person interaction.

Stop hiding behind your computer screen or jeweler’s bench…

It’s time to meet your peers, collaborate on ideas, and make some friends (and accountability partners) along the way.

And we obviously don’t even need to explain the value of connecting face-to-face with all those industry influencers we’ve been telling you about…

Um… we feel like that would be stating the obvious, right?


Attending the event gave me a renewed energy and focus…

Coming to the F&T Live Event was a great experience in so many ways! I loved meeting and getting to know Tracy & Robin in person — one of the highlights was singing karaoke with Tracy after our Mastermind dinner! It was also great to connect in person with the other designers.

The panel of jewelry industry experts and insiders that F&T arranged for the designers was fantastic and I learned a great deal from their presentation.

Attending the event gave me a renewed energy and focus going into the busy holiday season, and helped me define what my focus was going to be for the remainder of the year and going into 2016. Laura Tanner Swinand, lauratannerjewelry.com

Don't Miss Your Chance to…


Build Relationships With Industry Influencers

Brainstorm and Collaborate with Like-Minded Designers

Build a Blueprint for Your Brand's Success

Get All Your Burning Jewelry Questions Answered

Flourish & Thrive LIVE is the Best Place to Grow Your Business!

Tickets ($395 each) are limited so click the button below to grab yours now…


It has helped me to see the bigger picture and what I'm capable of.

I loved getting to meet Robin and Tracy in person, and also meeting the other designers who came to the event who I only knew through Facebook. I thought the speakers were inspirational and informative, I especially loved hearing from the retailers who gave specific tips on how they select jewelry for their stores. Stephanie Maslow, metalicious.com