MYP 2015 Webinar

Learn How to Finally Organize Your Jewelry Business so You Can Make More Money and Regain Your Free Time



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Are you ready to:

  • Break FREE from the daily grind?
  • Open up space in your life for creativity?
  • Create a better flow in your business?
  • Increase your profits while decreasing your workload?
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My business used to be a hot-mess! My approach to business has changed so dramatically that I am now turning a profit and and my business is growing without the “chaos.”
Rain Hannah,

So many lightbulb moments! I started taking responsibility for implementing changes to my business instead of wishing I could be like all those other successful businesses I admired.
Wendy Hively,

I feel like this is the symbolic last step of me letting go of all the old ways my business was running and this is the new and improved Elizabeth Dwelle Jewelry Designs 2.0
Elizabeth Dwelle,

Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews is an eco-luxury jewelry designer specializing in bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands and heirloom redesign. Her mission is to help designers get their work on more DREAM clients and raving fans.


Robin Kramer

Robin Kramer is an independent sales and marketing consultant. She has an impressive history with leaders in the retail industry that have built their brands on innovative merchandising and strong service cultures.

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