Why the Right Logo for a Jewelry Brand Makes All the Difference

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Updated: September 17, 2018

Choosing the right logo for a jewelry brand is an important decision.

Any company can grow quickly with the right branding, and your logo is at the center of it all.

Iconic brands all have iconic logos, it's part of what makes the brand memorable.

Think about Nike, Starbucks, and Chanel.

Those brands use logos (without their name in it) and you can instantly recognize the company.

You even have a certain feeling when you see their logos. Maybe it's a feeling of comfort, trust, luxury, or inspiration.

That's because humans are visual creatures by nature. It's easier for us to remember pictures, stories, and feelings than just facts.

You're probably in the process of choosing a logo for your brand, whether it's a new business or a rebrand, the decision matters.

What a Great Logo Does for Your Brand

Maybe you're afraid to change your logo or the idea of choosing one is overwhelming. Well, you need one right away because without it, your brand has nothing to stand for.

Here are 10 things your logo does for your jewelry brand – when it's designed properly with your dream client in mind!

  1. Acts as the anchor of your branding
  2. Serves as the main visual component of your company's brand identity
  3. Included at the center of all your marketing materials
  4. Helps with product recognition
  5. Keeps your brand assets consistent through and reinforces your values
  6. Catches the attention of your dream clients
  7. Increases your confidence in your jewelry brand and business
  8. Builds brand loyalty and customer confidence in your company
  9. Improves your creditably in the eyes of your competitors, customers, and the industry
  10. Increases your legitimacy and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers

So those are all the things a great logo can do for your jewelry brand. It's acting as your silent sales rep on every piece of promotional material you hand out.

When you sponsor an event or include a free gift for customers, adding your logo helps them remember you when they're not wearing your jewelry.

But how do you actually create a logo that's capable of doing all those things?

3 Elements of an Iconic Logo

  1. Simple Looking, Back on the logos of Starbucks, Nike, and Chanel, what's one thing they all have in common? They're simple. Some of them are barely even a “design” and that's the point. When you overcomplicate the design elements of your logo, it's hard for people to remember it. A simple, clear logo is best because there's no confusion around what it is. The Starbucks logo has evolved to a simplified version twice. Each time, they removed elements of the design until now it's a simple, monochromatic, stamp of the Siren.
  2. Timeless. If your logo is on everything you do, it's really a pain to update it every couple of years. Also, it's impossible for a brand's logo to become an icon if they change it. So make sure the design of your logo stands the test of time. Don't use trendy patterns or colors in a logo for a jewelry brand. One way to test this is to ask yourself if the design would appear “modern” or “dated” in different decades. It's impossible for the Nike swoosh to go out of style because a checkmark is always going to be a checkmark!
  3. Emotional. Even though these logos are simple, that doesn't mean there's nothing happening beneath the surface. Looking at Nike's logo, there's a reason we refer to it as a swoosh and not a checkmark. That's because the logo incorporates movement into the design. Nike is an athletic apparel company so it makes sense to use the emotion of drive, ambition, and competition in their logo in the form of movement and speed. Chanel, on the other hand, uses two bolded overlapping capital “C's” above the word CHANEL as their logo. This meets the first two criteria, but how is this emotional?

    You can argue the bolded, capital letters represent the feeling of superiority, the elite, and a commitment to high standards. So when you buy Chanel, you become the elite.

When creating a logo for a jewelry brand, you must consider all these elements in your design. As a creative, it's easy to get carried away and make your logo something very intricate.

If you're struggling to create something on your own, there are lots of ways to get a professionally designed logo!

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