How Identifying Your DREAM Client Attracts More Sales

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Are you wondering how all the buzz about identifying your dream client actually helps you get more sales and more raving fans?

Identifying your DREAM client is one of the most important things you will do for your business. Every–and I mean every company, big or small–should identify their DREAM client.

I have worked for many different companies, from small to large. The most successful ones are those who are VERY clear on who their DREAM client is. It is a common practice in the sales trainings that I have participated in and conducted. We’ve even spent entire training days on DREAM client work!

Having ONE person in mind who is your focus makes branding, marketing, sales techniques, etc. a heck of a lot easier and much more fun! The biggest benefit is that ultimately it increases your raving fan base and your SALES!

Here are 3 ways your DREAM Client will help you increase your sales:

1. More Focus

Want to save time and money when selling? Focus on just ONE DREAM Client. You’ll understand things like: where and how she shops, how she prefers information to be delivered, and where she might be hanging out online. This results in a lot of saved time because you aren’t focusing on the wrong people.

2. Better Marketing

Now that you have focused on your DREAM client and her buying pattern, you’ll be able to laser target your marketing. This translates into the blogs you go after for coverage or reviews, the print publications you pitch and your all around social media plan. When you know where your DREAM client is hanging out, you can select the best avenues for YOUR brand–plus your marketing is very targeted.

3.Better Sales

Now that your attention is on the right person and you have focused your marketing, sales become a lot easier. If you wholesale, you can go after the stores that she is shopping in for orders. Or if she prefers to shop online, you can design your website to entice her and attract more like her. Plus, since your marketing is focused on her, the leads you generate result in more sales.

Taking the time to identify and actually “get to know” all about your DREAM client is truly a necessity for a successful business.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. Are you clear on who your DREAM client is?

2. If so, tell us how you are using this information in your marketing.

3. If not, how is this affecting your sales?

Are you ready to dig deep, learn all about your DREAM Client, and create a base of more RAVING fans? If the answer is yes, then check out our FREE training called the How to Identify Your DREAM Client.

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