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Designer Spotlight: Catherine Marche

A brief story of what you do and why you do it I design and hand make limited edition bespoke jewelry with a hint of French playfulness. My elegant and chic creations are made of precious metals enhanced by semi-precious stones and pearls for a clientele who rejoices wearing something with an individual sense of…

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How Identifying Your DREAM Client Attracts More Sales

Are you wondering how all the buzz about identifying your dream client actually helps you get more sales and more raving fans? Identifying your DREAM client is one of the most important things you will do for your business. Every–and I mean every company, big or small–should identify their DREAM client. I have worked for…

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Top Tips for Having Maximum Sales at Jewelry Trade Shows

Having a fantastic, eye-catching jewelry booth will capture the interest of show attendees, but having a successful show with lots of sales takes a lot more than just having a beautiful booth. It takes a plan of action before, during and after the show. So you’ve got your shows (trade shows, craft shows, trunk shows,…

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You ARE worth it!

I just love our F&TA community of jewelry designers! There is so much support, sharing and love for one another… it’s truly awesome. A few topics having been popping up and I thought it would be good to blog about one that really resonates with me and that is knowing my craft is of value…

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