How to Leverage the Slow Summer Season to KILL it During the Holidays

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Greetings from Nantucket! Did you hear that July 5th was our 3rd B-day! If you missed the FREE gifts, scroll to the bottom of this post to check them out.

Do you love slowing down a bit in the summer as much as I do?

I love summer because it’s a time to slow down, refresh and travel to destinations that I either love or that I’ve never been before.

There is nothing like taking a getaway or a quick vacation to renew your energy and get excited about the busy months ahead. Unless you have a store in a busy resort town or are working outdoor markets and festivals, summertime can be a bit slow for many jewelry professionals.

I mean, the entire jewelry district in NYC shuts down for two weeks! That’s gotta tell you something.

But listen up: Don’t let a small slowdown in sales get you down. RIGHT NOW is the BEST time to prepare for what’s ahead in the coming months: The Holiday Sales Season!

Get ready, because wasting away this valuable time can be the difference between the best holiday sales season ever and a subpar one.

For instance, right now I am working on finalizing some late summer wedding designs for clients, planning my collection for Holiday Sales and connecting with clients to get them into my sales pipeline for holiday sales.

My clients know that if they snooze, they lose if they want to commission something from me!

Today, I want to share with you some of our strategies on How to Leverage the Slow Summer Season to KILL it During the Holidays