How to Start Doing More of What You LOVE in Your Business

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As a designer, you probably imagined that starting your own business would offer you FREEDOM in your life.

Let’s be honest for a second… sometimes owning your own business just isn’t like that. It’s not easy and you might actually work longer hours than you did before.

I sure know that I certainly worked longer hours when I was just starting out!

I sometimes questioned why I stuck with it?

You may feel the same but I can definitely relate to the reasons WHY you stick with your business.

First of all, because it’s your passion and you love feeling pride in what you do. But also because there is a spark of hope that promises you the true FREEDOM you have always wanted in your life.

FREEDOM that includes having the schedule you desire, financial abundance and more time with your family and friends (or just about anything else you can imagine)!

But the truth is we often spend a lot of time doing the things we DON’T enjoy in our business.

There is a reason for that and today I wanted to get to the root of the issue and talk to you about How to Start Doing More of What You LOVE in Your Business.

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