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Robin and I had an idea the other day and since the holidays are such an amazing time to build a business, we know that this will work. We want to get you on track for a successful business. So what did we do? We created a FREE training challenge that is completely independent of anything else we are doing!

So what’s it all about?

Well we know all of you designers are super talented, but it seems that sometimes things get in the way of actually selling. Robin loves to sell and I don’t mind it either, but we still know how easy it is to get sidetracked. What we want to teach you is that selling is really a service. So we’ve pulled some of our best techniques out of the bag to help you….

And it’s 100% completely FREE! All you have to do is sign up.

no pitch…

no obligation at the end…

just great tips for you to make more money…


Not only is this the “20 Sales in 20 Days Challenge” it’s also a contest!

*Whoever shares this the most wins! Whoever shares this the second most also wins.

The more designers who enter the contest using your link, the more chances you have to win! Keep sharing and keep increasing your chances.

Already sound good? GO HERE TO ENROLL

Here are the prizes:

First Prize Wins Two 45 minute coaching sessions, one session with Tracy and one session with Robin. ($500 Value)

Second Prize Wins a $20 gift card to Rio Grande to use on jewelry supplies ($20 Value)

Here is how it works::

  • Enter the contest. GO HERE.
  • Share with all of your friends, on your blog, in your forums or anywhere you can think of that other jewelry designers will be hanging out. You’ll be using your unique link to promote which automatically tracks leads for you. (You’ll get it when you join).
  • Use the attached images for Instagram or Facebook for your promotion.
  • Make sure you Instagram and tweet using the #20in20saleschallenge.
  • The enrollment period for the contest starts on September 5th and ends September 27th. The more you share, the more chances to win.
  • Whoever refers the most people to sign up for the contest wins the main prize of 2 FREE 45 minute coaching sessions:: one with Robin and one with Tracy ($500 Value).
  • Whoever gets the second most people to sign up for the challenge wins the second prize of a $20 gift card to Rio Grande to order Jewelry Supplies.
  • Everyone wins a FREE training challenge of 20 sales in 20 days ($250 Value).
  • The FREE training starts September 30th.
  • We give you daily tips on how to make a sale that day.
  • Each day you take action on the tips.
  • Along the way you document what works and what didn’t work for you.
  • You win because we are holding you accountable and for those who take action, you end up winning by making more sales, more money and more profit.
  • The tips that work for you can be reused every day in your business.
  • At the end of the contest, we’ll have a wrap party so you can celebrate how awesome your results were.
  • We promise, we won’t be pitching or selling anything at the end of the contest. This is solely for your benefit and to spread the love with other jewelry designers.

Piece of cake right? Come join the challenge. Once you enroll, you’ll learn all the details about the contest. We’ll also send a couple of emails along the way to encourage you to share more.

Tag @flourish_thrive with #20in20saleschallenge for extra brownie points.

Tell your jewelry designer friends!


*must enroll in the contest and use your unique sharing link for invites to count.

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