Top Tips for Having Maximum Sales at Jewelry Trade Shows

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Having a fantastic, eye-catching jewelry booth will capture the interest of show attendees, but having a successful show with lots of sales takes a lot more than just having a beautiful booth. It takes a plan of action before, during and after the show.

So you’ve got your shows (trade shows, craft shows, trunk shows, jewelry parties, etc.) lined up for this holiday season and you’ve planned out all of the details for your jewelry booth. Now, you get to focus on what’s really going to make your sales happen at the show!

If you are doing a trade show, it’s important to know that trade show attendees plan a “hit” list of whom they're going to visit before ever entering a trade show. Approximately 70% of all buyers plan out their ”hit” list ahead of time. Trade shows are big and buyers have a lot of ground to cover. However, they always will keep an eye out for that ”next” line they should carry and that’s why it’s super important for you to have a plan of action to capture their attention.

A great plan of action, you must have three “phases”:

  1. Pre-show
  2. During the Show
  3. After the Show

Note: This list is a general list so make sure you adjust it according to the show(s) you are doing.

1. Pre-show must do’s:

  • Contact your current/regular clients. Be a triple threat by sending email, a postcard and calling.
  • Contact potential clients. If doing a jewelry party at a friend’s house, create an email or invitation for your friend to send out to her guest list.
  • Contact registered attendees of the show or guests of the event.
    Note: Trade shows will provide or sell the list of attendees, you just need to ask.
  • Participate in all free exposure (that makes sense for your jewelry line) the show has to offer. For example, the show’s newsletter, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Communicate with your show contact and learn how you can be involved with their marketing.
  • Promote something that brings people to your booth, i.e.: bring this postcard in for a free gift or for free shipping on your order. Also, state that the offer is only redeemable at the show.
  • Market your event through your social media channels – Facebook, twitter, instagram, blog, etc.
Dogeared Booth
Dogeared Booth

2. During the Show must do’s:

  • Be attentive and say hello to everyone who walks by your booth. Engage them in conversation that is not sales-ey, but rather more conversational like a compliment.
  • “I love your shoes” or “awesome bag!”
  • Get to know your neighbors even if they sell jewelry, too.
  • Invite your show contact to your booth so they can see your work and you can get to know them.
  • Do not sit down in your booth or if you have someone working with you, only have 1 person sitting at a time.
  • Stay off of your phone while in your booth. All eyes and attention should be on clients and potential clients.
  • Keep your booth looking clean and organized.
  • Encourage people to try on your jewelry.
  • If anyone shows interest or asks for information, request their business card.
  • Have a postcard with images of your jewelry and your information at your booth to pass out. These can be the extra cards from your postcard mailing.
  • Have a spiral notebook where you can staple business cards and take notes so when you follow up you can address their interests.
  • Have a signup sheet for your email list.
  • Have all of the jewelry priced because when you get busy, you or your staff will not have time to look up prices (that’s what I like to call a luxury problem).
  • Close the sale at the show, if possible.

The goal is to leave an impression on anyone who walks by your booth. You want to get the attention of your DREAM Client so don’t be concerned or upset when there are people who are not interested in your line. And keep in mind that the value of doing a Trade Show or Craft Fair / Retail Show or In-Home Jewelry event is to see existing clients and develop valuable contacts with potential clients.

3. After the show must do’s:

  • Follow up immediately with everyone who placed an order. Thanking them for their order and send confirmation of their order (if not done already at the show).
  • Enter all of the business cards you received into your CRM system or create a client spreadsheet. You must keep track of all of your clients.
  • Follow up with everyone who left a business card. If they were a potential serious buyer, call them and send a follow up email if you don’t reach them.
  • Send a thank you note or email to your show contact.
    *A handwritten note is always best.
  • Send an email to your entire email list about best sellers from the show. People love to know what’s hot!

Jewelry is an emotional purchase. Buyers of large companies down to the consumer all want to know your story. What makes your line special and unique? You're lucky if you get 30 seconds with a person to share with them why your jewelry is fabulous – don’t waste time by not approaching or talking with them.

Whenever I was working a show, I expressed the importance of saying hello to everyone even those who had no interest in our jewelry. Being nice pays off. I had more people – other exhibitors, buyers, reps, show contacts – refer our line to buyers and it was mostly because I was nice. Being nice is powerful.

By having a plan of action before, during and after the show you can feel confident that you will get the most from your investment and effort.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us the following:

  • When is your next show or live event?
  • What are the two action steps you will take to get more sales at your next show?

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