Q&A call with Melissa Joy Manning


One of my good friends and fellow rockstar jewelry designer, Melissa Joy Manning has generously agreed to let all of you Pick Her Brain! No Joke! For those of you who are are unfamiliar, Melissa is committed to building a sustainable green jewelry business. In fact, she went through the rigorous process of becoming green certified by the state of CA because she is so passionate about sustainable design.

She was inducted into the CFDA in 2011 and has partnered with many other established designers on capsule collections. You may have noticed that she is all over the pages of every magazine you open. She has become a success in the biz by creating a system of best practices and partnering with the right stores (not just any stores). She is a master at attracting her DREAM clients. There is so much more to share, but we’ll wait till the call.

We truly believe that designers should help eachother out! Melissa has launched a kickstarter campaign to supplement the build out of her completely Green space in NYC.

We ask that to join the call you make a minimum donation of $10 to her kickstarter campaign. You can also donate more and receive a piece of her Kickstarter Capsule Collection.

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Join Us for an Exclusive Q&A with Melissa Joy Manning

When: Wednesday, October 23rd
Time: 3pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour-ish

Why: The opportunity to pick the brain of someone who has made it and is totally open with her insider information!

Here is how to get instant access to the call::

  1. Donate to her Kickstarter Campaign Now!
  2. Email Us your Receipt.
  3. Once we receive your receipt, You’ll have access to the call details.

Go VIP! Ask Melissa any question about Jewelry Business that your little heart desires. We are so excited about this… we hope you’ll support. You know what they say… karma is a good thing and what goes around comes around!

xo, Tracy & Robin

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