The Secret to a Successful Jewelry Business + the Benefits of a Mastermind Program

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I want to ask you a question. In your opinion, what does success mean to you? Every jewelry designer will most likely will have a different answer.

Success might mean:

  • Having a balanced work & family life
  • Reaching $100K/$500K/$1 Million/$2 million in sales for the year
  • Selling your collection to 100+ stores internationally
  • Living the dream and working full time on your jewelry business
  • Creating a thriving direct-to-consumer business where selling a mere 5 pieces a month earns you more income than you ever dreamed of
  • Working one-on-one with your DREAM clients on a consistent basis
  • The ability to work remotely and travel frequently
  • An effortless stream of income and the ability to easily save for retirement/your next adventure/a new home

A few years ago I joined my very first mastermind. Honestly, I was really skeptical to join and wasn’t sure that it would really give me results. My hesitation stemmed from the time and financial commitment. Wow, I am sure glad I decided to invest in myself and mastermind with these ladies…

My life has never been the same since.

  • I doubled my income
  • I enjoy a consistent stream of DREAM clients
  • I travel whenever I desire
  • I created a new business idea that would have never happened otherwise
  • I met some of my favorite people and a group of peers that I can lean on for anything
  • My business continues to grow

In retrospect, it seems so silly to me that I even second guessed the idea because the benefits are so profound. Today, I wanted to speak about some of the benefits that a Mastermind combined with one-on-one coaching can provide. When you combine the two, there is a brilliant synergy that unfolds and insane growth happens in your business.

The Benefits of a Mastermind

1. Focused attention on Your Business needs

Working with (a) coach(es) allows you to receive one-on-one attention that focuses on your specific business needs and to keeps you on track.

It’s the short cut! Instead of figuring it out on your own, you have personal attention, feedback and guidance to help you succeed with your business. The result is always increased profitability.

2. Collaboration from a Group of Peers Who Understand Your Struggles

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur, or soloprener, is that you have the freedom and flexibility to work alone or with a small team.

This benefit is also the biggest downfall. Working alone can be so isolating! Having a group of peers or colleagues to bounce ideas off and give feedback is totally priceless.

3. Accountability to Take Action

Do you ever find yourself with a huge list of to do’s at the end of the day, wondering where all your time went? It is disheartening to be forced to move your revenue generating activities moved to tomorrow’s to do list day after day.

Even as an action taker, I understand, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to take action on the things that are going to grow your business the most. The good news? In a mastermind you have not only your coaches to keep you on track, but the rest of your peers, as well.

4. Introductions and Access to Influencers

The great part about having two coaches that have been in business for so long is that they know so many people! Buyers, designers and other industry experts don’t usually come forth to tell all of their trade secrets to emerging designers.

We are bridging that gap between the hard to reach and the emerging. In fact, several F&TA Mastermind designers were introduced to buyers who placed orders for their collections!

5. Increased Sales and Profitability

When you combine all of these factors:

Focused one-on-one attention + Peer Support + Accountability +Take Action + Key Introductions

You set yourself up for increased sales and profitability. With this level of focus you are really able to create the jewelry business of your dreams. Having this level of support is instrumental in your success.

Robin & I are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications to the F&TA Mastermind 2014. We’d love for you to fill out the application. Check it out!

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