Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales

Jewelry Designers – Are You Ready to DOUBLE Your Annual Sales?

(You can do it! We’ll show you how!)



Learn How to Make the Most of the Hottest Sales Quarter of the Year – No Matter What Your Business Model!

Did you know?? Holiday Sales in most jewelry businesses account for over 50% of overall yearly revenue.

This means that if you aren’t on top of your sales and marketing, especially at this time of year, your company will feel the financial burden.

It also means you have a HUGE opportunity to double or even triple your annual sales by ROCKING the holiday season!

Does this sound like you?

You are ready to have YOUR best Holiday Season to date, but…

  • Despite your big sales goals each year, you fail to create and stick with an effective plan. You usually end up scrambling at the last minute
  • You aren’t hitting or exceeding your past holiday sales numbers. In fact, you aren’t even sure what your sales were last holiday season
  • You haven’t mapped out your holiday sales plan because you’re overwhelmed or you’d rather just wing it! And Tracking? What’s that?
  • Staying accountable for the sales in your business terrifies you because you are a designer/maker at heart. Shouldn’t I just hire someone to do it for me?
  • You spend more time making your jewelry and dealing with the day to day issues in your business than you spend on revenue generating activities (AKA sales)
  • You have difficulty organizing and timing your marketing, sales, and promotion plan for maximum impact
  • You feel isolated and aren’t being held accountable for hitting and exceeding your sales goals

If you’ve been missing the mark, well, it’s time to make a change.

Introducing: Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales!

Having an overall plan, taking action, staying accountable and tracking your progress is the key to meeting or exceeding your sales revenue. We’ll help you do what it takes to get there.

This 4 month course is specifically designed for jewelry designers who are ready to blow their holiday sales (and annual revenue) out of the water. Get ready to discover how to make the most of the hottest sales quarter of the year… no matter what your business model!

Join us to…

  • Effortlessly boost annual sales and experience what it’s like to exponentially increase your bank account
  • Create a week-by-week sales & marketing plan so you can stay easily stay on track without stressing out about “what to post” or “how to promote.” You’ll be totally ahead of the game!
  • Get laser focused on the right “types” of activities which will get your DREAM clients coming back for more and generate the most revenue for your biz
  • Feel supported so that surpassing your “BIG” sales goal is a piece of cake. Hey look Ma’ I did it!
  • Be prepped for next year with a solid Roadmap so you can double your 2015 revenue in 2016, as well
  • Learn from the Pro’s and Industry experts who are already doing it well so you can tap into their secrets of success and model them for your biz

Here’s why you’ll ♥ this Course:

In our collective 40 years in business, we’ve seen and experienced just about everything. And we’re ready to share all of our hard-earned knowledge and experience with you…

Get ready to learn the secrets Tracy used to reclaim herself from jewelry business failure to a highly successful jewelry brand with tons of loyal clients who keep coming back for more!

Share in the wealth of wisdom Robin amassed from her time as the Director of Sales for Dogeared Jewelry where she grew business by 800% in 5 years!
We’ve created a surefire framework to help you have the most successful holiday season possible.

We’ll keep you on track and provide you with the support you need to make sure you are getting your S#!T done. Plus, the easy to access format is full of reminders and topics for you to focus on several times during the week.

When you get behind, you know we’ll be there getting ”all up in your biz” to keep you on track . And when you are totally killing it – we’ll be there to celebrate and happy dance with you!

Since I started F&TA I have definitely seen a major growth in my business.
I started working with Tracy & Robin right before the holidays and I saw such a spike in December it was unbelievable! Because of the amazing knowledge, support and community I have seen a 15% increase in sales this year and can not wait to see what happens as we approach the next holiday season!
Colleen Mauer, Colleen Mauer Designs

Before taking RUYHS, I didn’t have a strategy or a plan. After taking the course, I felt more focused and on track, gained 6 new wholesale account and increased my sales by 35% during the holiday season over the previous year.
I would highly recommend RUYHS for any jewelry designers, because it gives you a total roadmap for Holiday success!
Reija Eden, Reija Eden Jewelry

Taking RUYHS helped me focus, work harder on my brand and create marketing and sales plans for my business.
My sales increase 25% over the previous year, plus I was featured on 7 blogs and increased my social media followers and blog traffic.
Diana Costa

How Will This Course Help You Double Your Annual Sales?

Our weekly lessons will keep you on track and get you thinking outside of the (jewelry) box. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, you’ll be prepared for the holiday season. Can you just imagine? Woo Hoo!!

Our goal is to help you::

  • Feel super excited about your business and sales so your clients can actually see and feel your enthusiasm in every way they interact with you (in person, on the phone, via email, through your marketing, etc.)
  • Believe in the possibility of what can be (and will be) with daily affirmation practice that will knock your earrings off (this stuff really works!)
  • Have tons of inspired ideas of where to find sales opportunities and confidence to ROCK each one of them
  • Get focused on the sales opportunities that will have the highest impact and return so that your precious time is maximized
  • Ramp up momentum that keeps building like a snowball effect (hey, it’s the lead in to winter time)

Good Stuff, right? Curious how you are going to get there?

Let’s break the curriculum down::

  • First, we’ll start you off with a goal setting exercise. This exercise will set the framework for everything that is to follow. You’ll pretty much have your sales and marketing calendar mapped out before we even start!
  • When the program begins, you’ll be given weekly assignments that are broken down into specific actions. We’ll even show you which actions to take depending on your specific business model!
  • Throughout the course we will help you track your success so you can see what is working (and what isn’t) for your brand and make adjustments accordingly. Plus, tracking is going to get you to where you need and want to be!
  • You will join a community where you can talk and bounce ideas off each other and get priceless feedback from Tracy & Robin. (But more about that in a second… we have something really special up our sleeves this year).
  • The course is bundled up into 4 months of training, sales ramping and accountability that will keep your momentum building all Holiday sales season long.
  • You’ll also receive a bonus goal setting training in December so you keep your sales momentum going strong through 2016!


We have some special bonuses just for signing up for the course!

Engagement Strategies to Turn Followers Into Buyers with Melissa Camilleri (value $295)
Guest Interview Series Throughout the training, we’ll release a series of interviews with famous designers and industry influencers. (Value $2,500)
Manifest the Your Best Year Yet! A business visioning and strategy experience with Tracy & Robin in December. (Value $395)

And That’s Not All! For 2015, We Decided to
Really Kick This Course Up a Notch!

When you register for Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales, we will also give you access to Flourish & Thrive’s brand-new exclusive membership group – the Diamond Insiders Club – for the entire length of the course!

The Diamond Insiders Club is designed to support you on a daily basis with the best resources, mentors and community in the industry.

As a member of this Club, you will enjoy:

Monthly Q&A calls w/ Tracy Matthews, Robin Kramer, and/or a hand-selected Teacher-in-Residence! Nope we won’t leave you hanging!
Monthly Guest Interviews w/ industry influencers, sales reps, store owners, buyers, famous designers, etc. Your invaluable access to those who’ve already done it!
An Awesome and Active Community filled with determined, like-minded designers. Network, bounce ideas off each other, and share your successes!
Daily Community Engagement w/ our leaders. We’ll keep you on track so you can get more done and build your DREAM business while getting to do what you love the most (creating jewelry that is)!
Monthly Focused Trainings that provide a steady stream of in-depth, digestible content so you can upgrade on the fly and focus on becoming the best in your jewelry niche.
4 months of the Diamond Insiders Club = $2,000 Value

We are opening this group up exclusively for students of Ramp Up Your Holiday sales 6 weeks before the scheduled launch! (This means you’ll have private access to the membership for 6 weeks before the general public even knows it exists.) The ONLY way to get in this early is through this course!

How it all works together:

Each week you will receive a fresh assignment from the Ramp Up Your Sales curriculum. Each assignment with give you specific instructions for the preparation and execution of your holiday season sales plan.

The Diamond Insiders Club deepens that experience in every possible facet by providing:

  • Daily support and accountability from a thriving community of success-focused designers just like you!
  • Mentorship and guidance from Tracy, Robin, and other Teachers-in-Residence
  • Supplemental trainings that expand upon theory and methods behind the RUYHS curriculum

RUYHS will put you on the path to having the best holiday season ever; the Diamond Insiders Club will keep you supported on that path every step of the way!

Registration for this course is currently closed. If you have any questions, click the button below to contact us.

After taking RUYHS, my sales increased 50% just by solidifying my brand positioning and my market.
Sharon Orella, Sharon Orella Designs

RUYHS delivers not only a map, but also timelines and scripts to help score press and key accounts.
I landed two local magazine features that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
Mariel Heart, The Heart Department

I don't think RUYHS is just about the holidays. I felt like it was holistic!
Every piece of your business, from your website, to your social media, to your line sheets, to how you talk to buyers…all of these big, but basic things added up to better sales at the holidays. I doubled my sales over last year and continue to use these strategies to grow my business forever more.
Paloma Mele, Palomita Jewelry

Want More Details?

Here’s the full curriculum:


Focus this month:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Push
  • Developing Sales/Marketing calendar
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Press Push (Print Publications & Gift Guides)
  • Planning For Holiday Events

Diamond Insider Club events:

  • One live Q&A phone sessions for celebrating you and your sales

Focus this month:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Push
  • Email and Call Campaigns
  • Executing Your Sales/Marketing Calendar
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Press Push (Newspapers, Daily Publications & Blogs)
  • Confirming & Planning Holiday Events

Diamond Insider Club events:

  • Live Q&A phone session for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Trainings

Focus this month:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Reorder, Retail/Website & Direct to Consumer
  • Email and Call Campaigns
  • Executing Your Sales/Marketing Calendar: Creating Copy for Marketing
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Prepping Inventory
  • Press Push (Newspapers, Daily Publications & Blogs)
  • Confirming & Planning Holiday Events

Diamond Insider Club events:

  • Live Q&A phone session for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Trainings

Implementation & Action:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Reorder, Retail/Website & Direct to Consumer
  • Email and Call Campaigns
  • Executing Your Sales/Marketing Calendar: Creating Copy for Marketing
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Final Inventory Shipments and Prepping Inventory for Live Events
  • Press Push (Newspapers, Daily Publications & Blogs)
  • Trunk & Craft Shows

Diamond Insider Club events:

  • Live Q&A phone session for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Trainings

Bonus Training:

  • Manifest the Your Best Year Yet! – A Live Goal Setting & Business Strategy Training and Q&A

Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales is an unbelievable value!

If you were to hire either Robin or Tracy to consult with you privately, this program is valued at $1000 per month. That is just for the value of the coaching and the materials.

Let’s add it all up:

RUYHS Core Program: $4,000 value
Bonus Insight & Wisdom: $3,190 value
4 months of Diamond Insiders Club: $2,000 value
Private Community Access: Priceless!

Total Value: $9,190 <<< Your investment is significantly less!

Registration for this course is currently closed. If you have any questions, click the button below to contact us.

The accountability of the course was my favorite aspect, because I was motivated to stay focused and supported by this awesome group of designers.I think a lot of designers are a bit lost when it comes to timing for the holiday push calendar. I am WAY more prepared already this year!
Sara Pocius, Sea Pony Studio

My sales were up 30% over the previous year!
I definitely would recommend RUYHS because every piece of this course is valuable for moving your business into higher gear. I felt supported knowing that I have a community of jewelry designers to bounce ideas off of.
Laurel Hanson, Stone Wing Designs


Are you ready for a roadmap to doubling your annual sales and having the BEST holiday season you could ever imagine? Click here to get started right NOW.


We want you to join us in this 4-month program so you can:

  1. Have tons of inspired ideas of where to find sales opportunities and confidence to ROCK each one of them
  2. Exponentially boost your holiday sales and experience what it’s like to reap the financial benefits of your efforts
  3. Get laser focused on the activities that generate the most revenue for your business
  4. Join a supportive + connected community of jewelry designers

Don’t wait! Click here NOW!!

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