Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales Intensive

::Attention Jewelry Designers::

Want to harness the power of the holiday season
and boost your 2013 jewelry sales above and
beyond your most ambitious sales goals!?

(we are going to show you how!)

F&TA:: Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales Intensive

We have created a 4 month intensive specifically designed for jewelry designers who are ready to blow their holiday sales out of the water! Students will collaborate with a group of like-minded designers and coaches as they begin to manifest their DREAM sales goals and learn how to make the most of the hottest sales quarter of the year… no matter their business model!

Does this sound like you?

You are ready to have YOUR best Holiday Season to date, but…

  • Despite your big sales goals for the Holiday season, you fail to plan in advance. You usually end up scrambling at the last minute.
  • You aren’t hitting or exceeding your sales numbers from 2012. In fact, you aren’t even sure what your sales were last holiday season.
  • You haven’t mapped out your holiday sales plan because you’re overwhelmed or you’d rather just wing it! And Tracking? What’s that?
  • Staying accountable for the sales in your business terrifies you because you are a designer/maker at heart. Shouldn’t I just hire someone to do it for me?
  • You are spending more time making your jewelry and dealing with the day to day minutia in your business rather than revenue generating activities (AKA sales).
  • You have difficulty organizing and timing your marketing, sales, and promotion plan for maximum impact.
  • You feel isolated and aren’t being held accountable for hitting and exceeding your sales goals.

If you are squirming at your jewelry bench or re-sorting your
bead boxes because this is you, then perk up sister (or brother), because
the Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales INTENSIVE is for you!

By the end of this intensive you will have::

Kicked your 2012 Holiday Season sales in the pants and experienced what it’s like to reap the financial benefits of your efforts.

For years you have been entering the holiday season without a plan. Or maybe you have a plan but you aren’t really staying on track with it. Sometimes your sales are great and other times, well, you just miss the mark. Unfortunately, if you aren’t on top of your sales and marketing, especially at this time of year, your company will feel the financial burden. Holiday Sales in most jewelry businesses account for over 50% of the yearly revenue. If you are missing the mark, well, it’s time to make a change. Having an overall plan, taking action, staying accountable and tracking your progress is the key to meeting or exceeding your sales revenue.

Developed a week by week sales and marketing plan to guide you through your most successful Holiday Season to date.

Plans shplans! Who needs ‘em? Successful jewelry designers do!!! Robin will be guiding you through her proven techniques for planning that has helped many a jewelry company flourish and thrive. Tracy will be teaching you the tips she used to turn her fledgling jewelry business into a successful custom design business where she now has so much business she has even had to turn away clients. Together, as a team, we’ll be guiding you week by week and keeping you on track with your sales and helping you create compelling marketing strategies to attract your ideal clients.

Learned how to laser focus on the activities that will generate the most revenue for your business.

When you aren’t taking action, there is no way to build momentum! We’ll be teaching you some of our techniques for getting things done and staying focused on what NEEDS to happen rather than what distracts you from staying focused. The result? Daily accountability for taking action towards your goals PLUS more revenue in your business (can you say bigger payday??).

Felt supported and been held accountable for reaching or surpassing your “BIG” sales goals.

Have you ever felt isolated and like you have no one to talk to about your business? Your friends have no clue what it’s like to be floating out there alone and no one can really empathize with your struggles. Don’t fret! You’ll be surrounded by not only Tracy & Robin, but lots of amazing designers who are there to support you and hold you accountable for success. You don’t have to be alone in the process anymore!

Developed a solid, kick-ass Sales Roadmap for 2014 (can you say, blow my 2013 sales out of the water?).

HAVE YOU EVER ended the year feeling a little burned out and wanting to push the coming year to the wayside? Being prepared for the year ahead is one of the most important strategies successful jewelry business owners can do. At the end of the intensive, we wrap up with a 2014 goal setting workshop to help you map out the year ahead and beat the awesome sales you JUST had!


Insider access to interviews and Q&A’s with industry experts who will share their tips of success!

We understand the power and believe in mentorship and learning from people who have already been there. Throughout this intensive, we’ll have insider guests (can you say famous, successful designers, buyers and reps) talking about their tips for success. You'll learn what they did to get to where they are now, plus insider nuggets of advice and insight.

Here’s why you’ll this Intensive:

In their collective 40 years in business, Tracy & Robin have really seen and experienced everything.

Get ready to learn the secrets that Tracy has used to reclaim herself from jewelry business failure to a highly successful jewelry brand with many loyal clients who consistently spend a lot of cash!

You will also have access to the wealth of wisdom that Robin amassed from her time as the Director of Sales for an uber successful jewelry brand.

We’ve created a surefire framework that will help you create your holiday sales roadmap, hold you accountable, and provide you with the support you need to make sure you are getting your S#!T done. Plus, the easy to access format will be full of reminders and topics for you to focus on several times during the week, so when you get behind, you know we’ll be there getting you back on track and to celebrate with you when you are kicking Bootay!

Since I started F&TA I have definitely seen a major growth in my business. In 2012 my business grew about 25%. I started working with Tracy & Robin right before the 2012 holidays and I saw such a spike in December it was unbelievable!

Because of the amazing knowledge, support and community I have received from F&TA, I decided to continue working with Tracy & Robin and I am so glad I have. I have seen a 15% increase in sales this year and can not wait to see what happens as we approach the 2013 holidays!

Colleen Mauer
Colleen Mauer Designs

Most of the jewelry artists I know are in the dark with the business side of things. Since I started working with Tracy & Robin, I have a much clearer picture of the marketplace and the business behind my art. More importantly, I am much more focused, organized, determined and psyched!
Nancy Troske
Robin and Tracy, you’ve done an amazing job. I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience. TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have the tools I've been needing to fully realize my potential. I am no longer drowning in a sea of self doubt. Your course has armed me with a blast of enthusiasm and confidence.
Jeanette Walker

How else is this intensive going to change your life?

Our weekly lessons are built to keep you on track and get you thinking outside of the (jewelry) box. It’s also built to reduce the overwhelm that often comes if you are prepared for the holiday season. Our goal is to help you::

  • Feel super excited about your business and sales so your clients can actually see and feel your enthusiasm in every way they interact with you (in person, on the phone, via email, through your marketing, etc.).
  • Believing in the possibility of what can be (and will be) with daily affirmation practice that will knock your earrings off (this stuff really works).
  • Have so many inspired ideas of where to find sales opportunities and rocking each one of them.
  • Get you focused on the sales opportunities that will have the highest impact and returns so that your precious time is maximized.
  • Ramp up momentum that keeps building like a snowball effect (hey, it’s the lead in to winter time).

Good Stuff, right? Curious how you are going to get there?


Let’s break the intensive down::

  • We’ll start with a goal setting exercise that will knock your socks or toe ring off. The exercise sets the framework for everything that is to follow. You’ll have your sales and marketing calendar mapped out before we even start.
  • When the program starts, you be given weekly assignments with mid week reminders and end of the week accountability exercises.
  • Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to track your success along with the rest of our designers.
  • We’ll also have a private facebook community where you can share with your fellow designers, bounce ideas off each other and get priceless feedback from Tracy & Robin.
  • Our intensive is bundled up into 4 months of training, sales ramping and accountability (plus a bonus training in December) that will keep your momentum building all holiday sales season long.
  • We are bringing in some surprise speakers who are going to give you the inside scoop on their path to success. This is worth the price of admission itself!

The Program with Coaching: $4000

The Bonus Strategy Session: $500

The Bonus Guest Speakers: $4000

Total Value: $8500

Your Investment: $450


But we have an EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER for you…

Since this is the first time we are doing this intensive, we are offering it at an introductory price!
Get the Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales Intensive for just 4 easy payments of $98.

Ready to get on board with us and have your best Holiday Season? Click the Buy Now button below!

4 payments $98 ($392)
6 payments of $75 ($450)

How it all works:
This is a 4 month (18 week) online program. That means you can access the materials anywhere in the world with an internet connection, access to phone/Skype and a facebook profile.

  • Daily assignments are delivered every day direct to you via email.
  • We’ll have twice monthly group coaching calls with Tracy & Robin to support you with your questions, help you work through your challenges and celebrate your awesome successes.
  • You will have access to a private Facebook group as our virtual classroom.
  • You’ll have monthly bonus calls with our special guests.
  • We (Tracy & Robin) are active in the Facebook group ready to give you personal feedback on course content and answering all the burning questions you have about holiday sales.
  • There will be an awesome network of fellow designers – the community is a great place to conduct brainstorming session and share moral support!

We kick off the Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales Intensive on Thursday, August 1 and it ends on Friday, December 20.

If you want to have your best Holiday Season yet, join us by clicking the payment button and voila – you’re in!

But wait, there’s more!

We went ahead and asked some of our friends to throw in some insane trainings I know you’re going to love:

How to Take the Leap to Create a Successful Online Jewelry Biz($398 value)
Interview & Q&A call with Maya Brenner
How to Ramp up Your Handmade Jewelry Biz ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A call with Tim Adam and Lisa Jacobs
www.handmadeology.com and www.marketingcreativity.com
How to Evolve Gracefully During Periods of Growth ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A call with Mickey Lynn Wilcox & Seth Shindeldecker
of www.mickeylynn.com
How to Leverage Press to Build Your Jewelry Brand ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A call with Christi Pack and Jessica Stanfeild
of www.towneandreese.com
Strategy Session and Q&A with Tara Gentile ($398 value)
Tara Gentile
of www.taragentile.com
How to Leverage your Compact Superhero to Hustle your Biz ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A with Erika Lyremark
of www.DailyWhip.com
Why Successful People are Full of CRAP + How to Create Manifesting Affirmations ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A with Rachel Luna
of www.TheTailorMadeLife.com
Instagram for Jewelry Designers for Insta-Results ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A with Sue Zimmerman
of www.suebzimmerman.com
The importance of Brand Relevance ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A with Megan Dolbee of Harris Dolbee Showroom
How to Write from Your Heart to Attract You DREAM Clients ($398 value)
Interview and Q&A with Tracy Matthews
of www.TracyMatthews.com
Sparkle and Shine on Camera!! How to use video to promote your Jewelry Biz. ($398 value)
Training and Q&A with Share Ross
of VideoRockstarUniversity.com

Other Contributors

That’s already $4,000 worth of guest bonuses, but we aren't done! We'll be adding more bonus contributors as the course unfolds. We love surprises and you won't be disappointed by the other heavy hitters who we are working with.

Extra Bonuses

Goal Setting and Strategy Workbook for 2014 ($298 value)
Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer
of FlourishThriveAcademy.com
Goal Setting and Strategy Training in December 2014 ($398 value)
Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer
of FlourishThriveAcademy.com

More From F&TA Students

Working with Tracy & Robin has been amazing! I am now working on my jewelry business full time! They have helped me define my goals, make plans to achieve those goals, and then actually take the action and be accountable. This goal setting and attaining process has helped me financially by producing direct results in sales and understanding what my sales needs are.Sarah Swift
Sarah Swift Jewelry

Being part of the F&TA community has helped me to learn so much about the business side of the wholesale and retail jewelry worlds. I now have confidence that I am doing the right thing professionally when dealing with potential buyers and I feel that my business is well positioned now to make great leaps forward.I recently cultivated a relationship with a major museum store jewelry buyer who has placed his first order with me for the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC and he promises to include my jewelry in additional venues. Also, I am now involved with Uncommon Goods website and hopefully their catalog as well. I feel that these two opportunities, in particular, have major implications for future growth for Garden of Silver!

Eileen Baumeister McIntyre
Garden of Silver

Thank you for all the amazing information and eye-opening course that has already helped increase my income! The course was everything I had been searching for as I planned to launch my new jewelry line. I've had 3 record breaking months since I've taken the course.
Heather Powers

Want More Details?
Here’s the full curriculum in a nutshell:

  • Bi-Monthly live Q&A phone sessions where we’ll answer all of your red-hot questions.
  • Private virtual Facebook Group with full access to Tracy & Robin and a group of your awesome jewelry designing peeps.
  • 18 weeks (4 Months) of assignments, accountability, tracking, and having a blast with us.
  • Special Bonus training in December to make sure you are prepared for the best 2014 possible.
  • Monthly contests for cool free stuff, including coaching, gift cards and surprise gifts.

Pre-course: Ramp up your holiday Sales Goal setting Workbook

  • Create 3rd & 4th quarter Sales Goals & Plans
  • Collection Development Timeline
  • Marketing/Sales Calendar

Month 1 (August):: Building the Momentum

Focus this month:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Push
  • Developing Sales/Marketing calendar
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Press Push (Print Publications & Gift Guides)
  • Planning For Holiday Events

Live Events:

  • Two live Q&A phone sessions for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Speaker

Month 2 (September):: Taking Action and Manifesting Goals

Focus this month:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Push
  • Email and Call Campaigns
  • Executing Your Sales/Marketing Calendar
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Press Push (Newspapers, Daily Publications & Blogs)
  • Confirming & Planning Holiday Events

Live Events:

  • Two live Q&A phone sessions for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Speaker

Month 3 (October):: Prepping for Holiday Events and Riding the Momentum Wave

Focus this month:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Reorder, Retail/Website & Direct to Consumer
  • Email and Call Campaigns
  • Executing Your Sales/Marketing Calendar: Creating Copy for Marketing
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Prepping Inventory
  • Press Push (Newspapers, Daily Publications & Blogs)
  • Confirming & Planning Holiday Events

Live Events:

  • Two live Q&A phone sessions for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Speaker

Month 4 (November):: Honing in on the Details & Final Push for Wholesale Sales

Implementation & Action:

  • Implementing Your Sales Plan: Wholesale Reorder, Retail/Website & Direct to Consumer
  • Email and Call Campaigns
  • Executing Your Sales/Marketing Calendar: Creating Copy for Marketing
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Final Inventory Shipments and Prepping Inventory for Live Events
  • Press Push (Newspapers, Daily Publications & Blogs)
  • Trunk & Craft Shows

Live Events:

  • Two live Q&A phone sessions for celebrating you and your sales
  • Bonus Speaker

December Bonus Month: Last Retail Push & Setting your Biz up for 2014 success

Implementation & Action:

  • Live 2014 Goal Setting & Business Strategy Training and Q&A
  • Celebration time in the Facebook Group!

Are you ready to Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales?

4 payments $98 ($392)
6 payments of $75 ($450)

Don't just take it from us…

I am so grateful that I found you guys! Being involved in a supportive group of like-minded designers is HUGE since I've been trying to find something like this for years. Since I have taken your program, I am more proactive about trying projects that I have put off for years. Pricing has always been a struggle for me! Even though I know I need to increase my prices, I am taking steps to make that happen. I feel more confident and organized and I'm NOW taking my business more seriously. I am so excited for Volume 2!!
Sarah Gregori
During the course, I gained a lot of clarity around what I really wanted for my business and changed the way I looked at my business on every front. My vision of my brand shifted from a wholesale model to a custom model and I have seen immediate shift! January is usually such a slow month for me and because of what I have learned, I landed three custom clients for wedding sets this month! This is the first business class that I have taken that has been led by jewelry industry vets and the information is invaluable for jewelry designers. Tracy & Robin bring so much industry specific information and supplement what they know by bringing other industry experts to create incredible value. They truly practice what they preach.
Meagan Reelitz
Tracy & Robin have both been so open and honest which can be a challenge in the jewelry industry.Their wealth of knowledge and willingness to share is exactly what any designer who is starting out or feels stuck in their business needs. Even though the course content is incredible, the bonuses ALONE are amazing. I wish I had all of these tools right when I started my business. Thank you Tracy & Robin!
Simone Richmond


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