Set Your 2013 Goals and Burn Calories Doing It!

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It’s that time of year again.

Holiday music, last minute orders, craft fairs and trunks shows, eating too many sweets, evaluating the year and looking ahead to the next year. Yes, it’s goal setting time, but this year make a plan to do it with some, fun and fitness.

Evaluate 2012

Take 30 minutes – 1 hour (time yourself) to write down all that you have accomplished in 2012. Keep in mind there is nothing too small. Maybe it’s as simple as finally organizing your studio in such a way that you are more productive. It could be that you set up outsourcing for some or all production. Or you revamped your website.

The point is celebrate all that you have done! The action of writing is down is to remind you of how awesome you are. Once you have your list – don’t let it stop there! Celebrate with a nice dinner or a fun hike or drinks with friends or whatever you like to do that makes you happy. Share your accomplishments with at least one other person – it’s important to say them out loud!

Now, for the fun and fitness! I LOVE setting goals. Just as you did with your accomplishments, you should take time to sit at your desk and write out your 2013 goals for the year.

You may be asking;

Why do I need goals and why do I need to write my goals down?

Well, goals help you stay on track with your business and writing your goals down makes them real. Having your goals in writing means you have no excuse to forget about them.

Take an hour or two or as much time as you need to write your goals down. When you're sitting at your desk, tap your toes 25 times. Then do it with the other foot. You will burn approximately 24-30 calories! Or if you are really wanting to burn it up, every hour hop up from your desk and do standing lunges. Calories Burned: 120

Make goals that motivate you. It is so much more fun to work towards a goal that is motivating and you are more likely to accomplish it. To ensure that your goal is motivating write why it is important to you.

According to me, staying motivated and positive helps you burn more calories – plus it just so much better for you and those around you!

When you set your goals it’s important to set SMART Goals.

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. I wrote a blog post on SMART goals back so if you would like to read more about SMART goals click here

Create an action plan for each goal. By having an action plan for each of your goals you will be able to see your progress and each time you can cross off one of the action plans, you will be that much closer to reaching your goal. Incorporate going on a walk, a hike or to the gym into your action plans for your goals. It’s a great way to reward yourself for getting that much closer to your goal.

Goal setting is ongoing throughout the year.

You should be reviewing and revisiting your goals at minimum once a quarter. You want to stay on track, and the only way to do this is to review your goals on a regular basis. Life is ever changing and although your goals might not, your action plan on how you get there will most likely change.

Set your goals with confidence and when you are done, turn up your favorite song and rock out!

You will burn from approximately 180 – 600 calories per hour depending on the type of dancing.


Make a date with your desk, put your sneakers on, have water nearby (it’s important to stay hydrated) and start goal setting!


Set Your 2013 Goals and Burn Calories Doing It!