Silversmithing Techniques For Those Who Want to Master Their Skill

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By Cheryl Adamson of Mastered.Co

Are you feeling a little under-confident or uninspired by your jewellery making skills?

At Mastered, we bring our students the best in creative education, which means learning the techniques that take your jewellery from average to awesome. When you truly master your skill, that’s when it becomes fun. You have the confidence to break the rules so you can bring more of your creativity and inspiration into your work. Which, of course, means making the pieces that your raving fans love.

We wanted to share a little snippet to teach you how to finish a home-cast silver ring. Take a break, watch the video and get inspired by the questions below.
1. What type of finish suits your collection and suits your DREAM client? How you file, sand and polish your piece will create two entirely different looks. Which works for you?

2. How long do you want to spend finishing your jewellery? If you enjoy working at the bench you can have lots of fun creating tiny details, but only if you have the patience! Alternatively, if you’re making pieces to sell at a lower price band then you may want to keep the process as short as possible whilst still creating a professional-looking piece.

3. How do you deal with imperfections? Depending on how you cast, you may be left with sprues and seams that don’t work in your final piece. This is where it gets exciting. You’re forced to use your guile, creativity and skill to deal with them. Can you incorporate them? Do they inspire you to do something slightly different? Be open-minded to these supposed flaws.

Now go back to your bench and create something beautiful. Be sure to share photos with us at

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