Episode 481: Rising Fine Metal Costs? Here’s How to Handle Pricing!

By Tracy Matthews / July 18, 2024

Surviving Rising Metal Prices for Jewelry Business Owners It’s inescapable – high prices are here to stay.  The recent surges in inflation have left us all with higher grocery bills, gas prices, and many other expenses that leave…

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Episode 480: The Fear That You’re Avoiding

By Tracy Matthews / July 9, 2024

“Fear was running the show – not me” That was the realization I had last week as I went on a journey of self-discovery. I had been thinking about “expansion” and what the word meant for me and…

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Episode 479: Here’s what I would do to make daily sales if I had to start a jewelry business from scratch…

By Tracy Matthews / July 2, 2024

Struggling to make daily jewelry sales a reality in your jewelry business? Here’s how to change that. Growing a thriving jewelry brand that has consistent, daily sales as the norm is not rocket science or a mystery. It…

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Episode 478: Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Shop with Susan George

By Tracy Matthews / June 27, 2024

Hi, Tracy here! Today’s episode is all about using TikTok to sell Jewelry.  I interview Susan George from Mediary Marketing, and let me tell you, she’s THE person to go to when talking TikTok Shop. Susan started out…

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Episode 477B: Is Your Jewelry Brand Cohesive? Find Out Today!

By Tracy Matthews / June 20, 2024

Discover the Secret to a Cohesive Jewelry Brand Hey there, jewelry enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to invite you on an exciting journey into the world of jewelry branding with our latest podcast episode. Whether you’re just starting out or…

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Episode 477: How to Connect On Instagram [and Social] With Your Dream Clients

By Tracy Matthews / June 11, 2024

Hey there, jewelry mavens! Tracy Matthews here, live from Newport Beach where I’m celebrating my niece’s graduation. This week, I’ve got something super exciting lined up for you on the Thrive by Design podcast. Last week’s episode on…

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Episode 476: The Energetics of Daily Sales

By Tracy Matthews / June 4, 2024

Hello, beautiful creators! Today, I want to dive deep into the energetics behind achieving daily sales in your business. This topic is near and dear to my heart because understanding and harnessing this energy has been a game-changer…

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Episode 475: Overcoming Addiction and a Toxic Relationship to Grow Her Jewelry Business with Sabrina Nussbaumer

By Tracy Matthews / May 28, 2024

Sabrina Nussbaumer is a woman with a hell of a backstory.  She’s also got great bangs, but more importantly, she has handled a crazy number of challenges, and come out the other side with a powerful story to…

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It’s My Birthday! A Dramatic Reading of the First Chapter of My Book

Episode 474: It’s My Birthday! A Dramatic Reading of the First Chapter of My Book

By Tracy Matthews / May 21, 2024

It’s my birthday! I know I’m incredibly blessed… and that the abundance I have today is the result of some hard lessons I learned a few birthdays ago.  Today, I want to share the most important gift I…

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She's Supporting Her Husband Through School With Her Jewelry Business with Lindsey Kirk

Episode 473: She’s Supporting Her Husband Through School With Her Jewelry Business with Lindsey Kirk

By Tracy Matthews / May 14, 2024

When Lindsey Kirk’s husband came home and told her how much he was struggling at his swing shift factory job, she knew they were at a crossroads. He was stretched too thin, trying to cover too many roles…

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