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F&T - Testimonials V2_Tisha Abrahmsen
"Finding F&TA has given me exactly what I need"

Tisha Abrahmsen
Owner, Andre Glass

Before discovering Flourish and Thrive Academy, my business was barely surviving, sales were stagnant, and I felt alone and unsure what to do about it. I had no idea how other designers of fashion jewelry "made it”. Finding F&TA has given me exactly what I need to build a successful jewelry brand!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Lisa Roberson
"Community over competition."

Lisa Roberson
Owner, Rebel Soul Design

Flourish & Thrive Academy definitely lives up to the value of "community over competition!” It’s an active community of jewelry designers and makers who support and cheer each other on!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Lisa Vrooman
"Nothing here is cookie-cutter!"

Lisa Vrooman
Owner, Talks to Animals Shop

In less than 6 months, I’ve been able to go from hobbyist to running my business professionally. The F&TA programs have saved me so much time and money plus the quality of information they provide can be tailored to you and your vision of success - nothing here is cookie-cutter!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Helen Stiver
"I’ve doubled my sales each year."

Helen Stiver
Owner, Charming Little Lotus

I spent hours on the internet searching for jewelry business info and made mistake after expensive mistake before finding F&TA. Now I’ve made lifelong friendships, received unlimited support, and doubled my sales each year. Without question, I’d recommend investing in yourself and your business by joining this incomparable community.

F&T - Testimonials V2_Celia Soonet
"I've found a wonderful community."

Celia Soonet
Owner, Soonets Jewelry


I defined a business plan, designed a whole new collection, re-launched my brand with a new website, and have found a wonderful community in 9 months after joining Flourish & Thrive Academy!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Juliet Erskine
"A tribe of peers and amazing coaches on tap!"

Juliet Erskine
Owner, Jules & Rose

I am so grateful to have a tribe of peers and amazing coaches on tap! Without F&TA I would feel really isolated in my own business!

F&T - Testimonials V2_Colleen Mauer
"I've seen a 15% increase in sales this year."

Colleen Mauer
Owner, Colleen Mauer Designs

Since I started F&TA I have definitely seen major growth in my business. In 2012 my business grew about 25%. I started working with Tracy & Robin right before the 2012 holidays and I saw such a spike in December it was unbelievable! Because of the amazing knowledge, support and community I have received from F&TA, I decided to continue working with Tracy & Robin and I am so glad I have. I have seen a 15% increase in sales this year and can not wait to see what happens as we approach the 2013 holidays!

F&T - Testimonials V2_MelissaCamilleri
"I’m bringing in 5 figures a month!"

Melissa Camilleri

My list of paying customers grew by 2500%, my social media following has skyrocketed to 16,000 and I now run a successful jewelry business that is bringing in 5 figures a month.

F&T - Testimonials V2_JeanetteWalker
"Tracy, I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience. TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!"

Jeanette Walker
Owner, Jeanette Walker Jewellery

Tracy, you’ve done an amazing job. I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience. TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have the tools I've been needing to fully realize my potential. I am no longer drowning in a sea of self-doubt. Your course has armed me with a blast of enthusiasm and confidence.