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The Academy

Laying the Foundation

A 6 week virtual program for jewelry designers who want to learn the step-by-step process of building a business platform guaranteed to yield more cash, more clarity and more freedom.

If you’re serious about making a comfortable living as a jewelry designer, you CAN do it –– but you can’t do it alone. Every successful person you have ever admired, without exception, got to the top because they asked for help. Of course, in our industry, the hardest part is often finding the right people to ask in the first place. We're those people for the jewelry industry.

How to Start a Jewelry Business Online


Multiply Your Profits

A 6 week virtual program for jewelry designers who want to proven blueprint for scaling your business to the next level without the stress, overwhelm & empty bank account.

We teach innovative new trainings that focus on creating business and financial success, producing more freedom in your life and work. The goal is to increase your time, money and energy. We will teach you how to build systems or “predetermined road maps for getting stuff done!” You can finally have the jewelry business you have always dreamed that pays you an abundant salary on autopilot.

Multiply Your Profits

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