The Big Reveal about Copyrights and Trademarks for Jewelry Designers

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Have you always been curious about copyrights and trademarks and what the difference is? Have you ever wondered if you should be using them in your jewelry business? Do legal things like this confuse you? They absolutely confuse me! I am so excited to be talking with Suzan Hixon today! Suzi is is a trademark, copyright and advertising attorney. She is a powerhouse with over ten years of experience of practicing intellectual property law, combined with over four years of running her own businesses. And lucky for us, she has a knack for simplifying complex legal matters.

Suzi is a wealth legal knowledge for all things trademark, copyright and advertising! We are thrilled to have her as one of our contributors to our Multiply Your Profits course.

In this video you are going to learn:

  1. The real difference between a copyright and a trademark.

  2. Intellectual property law and how to protect your designs

  3. Examples of real life brands and how they use both

After you watch the video, answer these questions in the comments below:

1. Have you ever been concerned about having your designs or packaging copied?

2. What are you doing (or going to do) to safeguard your designs and or packaging?

You can find Suzi at:

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