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How to Increase Jewelry Sales by Setting Goals

increasing jewelry sales

When you’re trying to increase jewelry sales, lots of strategies work together in order to see results. There’s no such thing as a quick fix, but when you do a little at a time, soon you’re crushing your sales! But how do you know you’re doing a good job? You have to set clear goals.…

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#134 10 Business Books that will Blow Your Mind

I’ll admit it, I love learning new things! I’m always on the hunt for a new business book or podcast. Plus, I can’t help but share my favorite finds with friends and biz besties! Today I put together my ultimate reading list that will totally blow your mind. Seriously, these books have changed my business…

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#125 The Truth About Overnight Success with Abby Walker

You hear the stories all the time. Athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs…everyone talks about their so-called overnight success. When suddenly they burst onto the scene and everyone is talking about how great they are. So here’s a little reassurance if you’re feeling like you’ve been hustling your butt off way too long to ever be called an…

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#115 Digital Marketing Momentum Series Part 5: The Metrics to Track to Measure Your Success Online

How do you know your online marketing is working? I’m talking with designers almost every day, hearing things like, “I never know what’s working…” or “that doesn’t work for me…” But often times they can’t explain why things aren’t working, which is super important! When it comes to sales and conversion, it’s all in the…

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#95 How to Sell OOAK to Retail Stores

ooak jewelry sales

Think you can’t sell your OOAK designs to retail stores ? That making one off pieces is only good for in person events or online sales? Think again! In this ever changing economy, store owners have changed their tune and more than ever want One of a Kind jewelry for their stores. Carrying something specific…

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#91 The 7 Stages to Accelerate Jewelry Business Success

content creation ideas

Designers always ask me, “Tracy, how did you create a jewelry brand that consistently generates multiple 6 figures and only spending 10% of your working time in it?” Well, it wasn’t because of the 30 page business plan I wrote! That bad boy just collected dust, never to be looked at again. Truth is: There’s…

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#88 How to Create a Marketing Plan for a Jewelry Promotion

Owning a jewelry business is FUN! Being a jewelry designer, myself, I know as well as you… There isn’t anything better than getting an email from a client gushing over the new piece they just bought! It totally lights me up! But don’t get me wrong…not everything is a walk in the park. Even “successful”…

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