The Holiday Gift Guide for the Jewelry Maker in Your Life

The Holiday Gift Guide for the Jewelry Maker in Your Life - Blog Post Featured Image

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you have a jewelry maker in your life, you’ve probably got one question on your mind…

What gifts can you buy for someone who loves making jewelry?

It can be stressful to shop for a friend who’s very passionate about their hobby or business. You want to get them something they’ll actually use and love.

The last thing you need this holiday season is more stress, so we’ve compiled this simple gift guide for the jewelry maker in your life.

Gift Certificates to Jewelry Suppliers

(Source: Flourish & Thrive Academy)

Although it may be tempting to gift a jewelry maker raw materials and supplies, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Unless you know it’s something they will 100% use, more likely than not your well-intentioned gift will end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.

But you can never go wrong with a gift certificate to a jewelry supplier.

If you don’t know their go-to supplier, here are some reliable companies with a wide selection of jewelry making materials:

Smartphone Tripod & Selfie Stick

(Source: UBeesize via Amazon)

Posting consistent content on social media, especially video content, is key to getting more exposure for your jewelry.

Any jewelry designer with an online presence would get a lot of use out of a tripod that doubles as a selfie stick.

It’s a versatile tool for creating all kinds of content, and it eliminates the need for recruiting an unsuspecting friend or spouse to be your cameraman.

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Best Self Co. Action Pads

(Source: Best Self Co.)

Productivity is a huge challenge for any maker, especially if they’re running their own business.

Best Self makes action pads for weekly productivity. It gives you a space each day to list your tasks, rank the priority, and much more.

It’s basically a fancy to-do list, and it’s perfect for the busy jewelry maker who loves to use paper planners.

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The Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Timeless Jewelry Brand

(Source: The Desired Brand Effect)

Now, I might be biased, but I can’t make a holiday gift guide for jewelry designers without including my passion project of the last three years…

Drawing from decades of experience as both a jewelry designer and jewelry business educator, I took the essentials of what it takes to create, share, and scale a successful jewelry brand and condensed it into one book.

It’s complete with actionable resources, case studies, and anecdotes from my own experience in the industry.

It was important to me that I publish it in time for the holidays, because it’s the perfect gift for any jewelry maker trying to build a business online, whether they’re just starting out or fully established and ready to scale to the next level.

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Studio Light Box for Photography

(Source: Finnhomy via Amazon)

A beautiful, hand-crafted piece of jewelry will never sell online when it’s poorly photographed. 

Having high-quality product photography better displays the intricate details of jewelry and increases the perceived value of the piece.

You don’t need an expensive set-up, either. In fact, an affordable lightbox can elevate a jewelry photograph from meh to wow!

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Replica Surfaces Photo Backdrops

(Source: Replica Surfaces)

For the jewelry designer with a sleek and curated aesthetic, you can take it a step beyond a simple lightbox with Replica Surfaces’ hyper-realistic photography backdrops.

With tons of different textures and patterns, these surfaces can make any product look like it was shot in a professional photo studio. Best of all, they hardly take up any space!

Shop hyper-realistic photography backdrops at Replica Surfaces >>

Trebliganna Prints

(Source: Trebliganna)

Anna Gilbert’s photography prints celebrate the complex beauty of gemstone faceting, and they make the perfect unconventional gift for the jewelry maker who appreciates aesthetics.

I have some in my own home and I love the pop of color it brings to my office.

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Jewelry Marketing Joy

(Source: Joy Joya)

PR expert and friend of the Thrive by Design Podcast, Laryssa Wirstiuck runs a digital marketing agency for jewelry brands called Joy Joya.

Last year, she published an approachable guide to the ins-and-outs of marketing your jewelry business online.

Any jewelry maker who’s trying to get more exposure for their brand will appreciate Laryssa’s simple and effective breakdown of marketing strategies that are proven to work in today’s industry.

Shop Jewelry Marketing Joy by Laryssa Wirstiuk at Joy Joya for >> 

No matter what you buy for them, be sure to send some love to your jewelry maker friends, because the holiday shopping season is always a stressful time for us!