The Power of Being Persistent & Consistent

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The holiday sales season is here! Now more than ever you need to be on your game running your jewelry business.

But it’s easy to get off track. It’s very common to have feelings of frustration or to become discouraged when you are reaching out to buyers and editors, but still aren’t getting the desired response (or even a response at all).

We are here to say:: don’t get off track!

It’s frustrating! We know. That’s why it’s important to stop and acknowledge how you are feeling. The key is to not let the feelings of negativity overwhelm you or hold you back. But if negativity does happen to creep in, you have to move beyond it.

There are many factors that play key roles when building your jewelry business. The most important qualities you must embody are being persistent and consistent. With constant practice, you’re guaranteed success.

Here are the reasons why:

#1 Keeps you top of mind

Staying persistent and consistent when reaching out to buyers and editors will guarantee your success. We aren’t suggesting that you be annoying with multiple emails and calls. It means steadily following up with a buyer or editor, checking in with their business, or inquiring about stories they may be working on. The more your name is seen and heard, you’ll stay top of mind and they’ll remember you are the designer who specializes in x, y or z.

When Robin was working at Dogeared, one of the her buyers thanked her for staying in touch with her regularly. She was overwhelmed at work. Because she stayed connected with her, Robin could easily help with reordering. The scenario ended up being a win-win. The buyer had some work taken off her plate and Robin made the sale.

#2 Keeps you on track

In order to stay persistent and consistent, you need to have a plan and a system. Persistence and consistency keeps your energy moving forward and unstuck. Reaching out to clients, wholesale customers and press regularly keeps your business on track and moving forward. That “No” could easily turn into a yes because you are stating your intention and going after the sale or the PR opportunity.

#3 Your results start to compound

Ultimately, staying persistent and consistent WILL get you results. The more you focus on Sales & Marketing, the more business starts to come your way. It’s sort of like a perfect storm.

Especially in times when you feel as though things are not going your way, it is important to focus and keep positive momentum moving forward. In the months preceding Tracy’s biggest month in sales, something unusual happened. She had 5 custom clients fall of the radar. It was easy to initially spiral down in the negative energy of this phenomenon. However, Tracy quickly turned her energy around, set her intention and starting to see her results compound.

She first landed a 6 month freelance gig for a $400 million dollar company designing fine jewelry style items. She landed several new clients for the holiday season and kept moving forward. She kept moving forward and staying focused on her goal. The momentum kept compounding and then, all at once, she received several engagement rings commissions and several generous clients commissioned heirloom projects. In four months he went from 5 clients bailing to having her best month in business profits to date. All because she was allowing and watching her efforts compound.


#4 Fosters and continues building momentum

When things go your way, it’s very important to keep that energy moving forward and not get lazy. You WILL see and feel the momentum building. Putting all of this persistent and consistent energy into your business will grow your business. Orders will start to roll in, traffic will increase and editors will call in samples. It is important to continue being persistent and consistent even during this time of abundance. Remember, like attracts like. It’s the law of attraction yo!

So what does this mean for your jewelry business?

Lately, I have been hearing stories from our community of jewelry designers. They are often stories of discouragement, frustration or just plain waiving the white flag. In a last ditch effort, they are back in business when the next day they get an order from a store they have been trying to get into for months or they receive an email from an editor that wants to do a story about them. Feeling discouraged or frustrated is not only normal, but super common. The important thing is not to let your feelings get the best of you and don’t quit before the miracles start happening.

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How you staying persistent and consistent in your jewelry biz?

We want to hear from you:

  • How are you staying persistent and consistent?
  • What is holding you back from keeping your momentum building?
  • List one action you will take today to shift the momentum in your jewelry business?

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