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How to Start a Jewelry Business the Right Way!

We have plenty of resources to help you avoid common mistakes and focus on what matters! Starting with the…

“How to Start a Jewelry Brand” Blueprint


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When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get distracted by actually making your jewelry and building up inventory. But the best thing to focus on is actually WHO you’re going to sell your jewelry to! Yes, you get to decide! The way you position your brand determines who is interested in buying from you. Which is what this blueprint is designed to help you with!

Plus, we have a bunch of podcast episodes & blog posts about starting a jewelry business the right way! Take a look below to see what’s possible for you!

#253 Mind-Blowing Success Stories to Inspire You with Robin Kramer

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#252 The Fine Jewelry Virtual Trunk Show That Brought in 39K in 2 Hours with Shehana Kimiangatau

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#251 How to Host Your Own Virtual Art Fair with Ana Maria Andricain

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#249 Overcoming Anxiety and Taking Calculated Risks with Sarah McAleer

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a jewelry designer move from a place of uncertainty to a place ...
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#248 6 Online Sales Strategies that Are Working Now

I want to tell you something: it’s OKAY if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. The changes we’re experiencing ...
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#247 Stop Checking Your Likes with Susie Moore

It’s time for you to show up for your business without worrying about what the external world thinks. ...
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