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How to Start a Jewelry Business the Right Way!

We have plenty of resources to help you avoid common mistakes and focus on what matters! Starting with the…

“How to Start a Jewelry Brand” Blueprint


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When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get distracted by actually making your jewelry and building up inventory. But the best thing to focus on is actually WHO you’re going to sell your jewelry to! Yes, you get to decide! The way you position your brand determines who is interested in buying from you. Which is what this blueprint is designed to help you with!

Plus, we have a bunch of podcast episodes & blog posts about starting a jewelry business the right way! Take a look below to see what’s possible for you!

#216 Why Selling at Shows Might be Killing Your Business

We both know that selling at shows can be back-breaking work, m’dear. And it doesn’t get easier as ...
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#215 Exactly What to Do, Ditch, or Delegate to Scale Your Sales

What makes a jewelry designer successful? Is it talent? Hard work? Luck? Not even close! If being talented ...
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One Designer who Took Her Jewelry From a Healing Hobby to a Fulfilling Business

There’s nothing better than a jewelry designer who not only loves what they do but makes their work ...
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Best of Series #3: Episode #90: 10 Content Creation Ideas to Promote Your Next Jewelry Collection Launch

Are you struggling to come up with content ideas for your brand? I’m here to help… When someone ...
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How This Jewelry Designer Transformed a Pricey Hobby Into A Thriving Business

Today we’re going to talk about a remarkable woman who started with a struggling business... But with hard ...
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Best Of Series #2 EP87: How to Build an Email List for Your Jewelry E-Commerce Business

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to convert people who land on your website into actual paying customers?  There’s ...
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