How to Write A Clever Tagline for Your Creative Product Business

How to Write A Clever Tagline for Your Creative Product Business - Blog Post Featured Image

In just a few words, a well-written tagline can set your business apart from the crowd in a saturated ecommerce market.

But how do you communicate everything your brand stands for – and convince people to whip out their wallets – in just a few words?

While your tagline should be unique to your brand, there are a few best practices to keep in mind if you want to write one that differentiates your business from the competition and boosts your credibility.

A compelling brand tagline should…

  • Be simple
  • Be meaningful
  • Be clear
  • Highlight the benefits your brand offers to the customer

When you get this right, you’ll have an effective piece of branding that emphasizes your company’s culture, values, and personality.

It’s a small but vital part of your overall branding effort to connect with your Dream Clients based on shared values.

Let’s talk about some simple ways you can make your brand’s tagline count…

Understand Your Brand Mission

Your brand tagline is not the same thing as your mission statement.

That being said, without a clear understanding of your brand’s mission, it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want to communicate with your tagline.

Take, for instance, this value-centered tagline from Bagatiba:

Sustainability Is The FutureBagatiba

Without knowing anything else about the brand, this tagline clearly communicates an emphasis on environmentalism and progress. The audience they’re targeting will undoubtedly connect with this messaging and want to support a brand that cares about the same things they do.

For a different approach, we can look at the London-based earring brand, Milk Tooth:

In Pursuit of Statement EarringsMilk Tooth

It’s simple and bold, just like their products. Beneath the surface, it communicates that the brand values authenticity and transparency.

Get to Know Your Dream Client

In a similar vein, you can’t write an effective tagline without getting clear on who you’re writing it for.

Your Dream Client is essentially an avatar of your ideal customer. We always have the students in our Laying the Foundation program identify exactly who their Dream Client is, right down to her values, lifestyle, and even favorite places to shop.

Think about the kind of person your Dream Client is. What is she looking for when she shops for jewelry, and how can you communicate that in your tagline?

Here’s a great example from our very own Momentum grad, Twyla Dill:

Adornment to Inspire & Empower YouTwyla Dill

Her tagline centers her customers by making it all about what her jewelry does for the people who wear it.

Another fantastic example comes from Cartilage Cartel, a company that makes fine jewelry with an alternative twist:

Curated, With An EdgeCartilage Cartel

It’s witty and will immediately attract the kind of customers they’re looking for.

That’s the thing about understanding your Dream Client; your marketing will become far more effective once you’re targeting specific people, instead of trying to market broadly to everyone.

Look Online for Inspiration

When it comes to creating branding for your jewelry business, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Your tagline should be unique and authentic to what your brand stands for. You should never plagiarize another brand, that would be dishonest and ineffective. But you can still look online to find inspiration from other brand’s taglines.

I love this creative tagline from Ana Luisa:

Make Room For A New YouAna Luisa

When you see a tagline you love from another creative product business, try to narrow down exactly why you’re drawn to it and think of ways you can create something similar for your own brand.

Here’s another fun one from Lark & Berry:

Shine Different – Lark & Berry

You don’t need to draw from existing taglines, either. 

Shopify has a useful tagline generator. Just plug in a word that describes your jewelry and it will populate a bunch of auto-generated phrases you can use as inspiration.

(Pssst… did you know Flourish & Thrive Academy peeps get a free Shopify trial? Just sayin’)

Clearly Communicate the Benefit of Your Brand

The main rule of thumb for writing a compelling tagline is to focus on how your brand benefits the customer.

That’s ultimately why someone wants to buy your jewelry, right?

So the main question you need to answer before you start brainstorming taglines is this: how does your product benefit the customer?

Your answer to that question would probably make a decent tagline all on its own!

This tagline from Roxanne Assoulin illustrates this concept perfectly:

An Uncomplicated IndulgenceRoxanne Assoulin

After all, jewelry is a luxury purchase. It’s an indulgence. With this tagline, the brand promises to offer that indulgent experience in a way that’s as uncomplicated as possible. It highlights the benefit to the customer while also easing some of their potential reservations.

Another wonderful example comes from friend of the show Lorraine West:

Made To Order, By Hand, With LoveLorraine West

This will specifically appeal to people who are looking for a handmade piece of jewelry that is uniquely their own, which is a huge benefit.

Brainstorm Taglines and Get Feedback

Your tagline is important. You don’t need to commit to the first one you think of.

In fact, I highly recommend brainstorming a bunch of different taglines at first. Start narrowing them down from there, and once you have a list of taglines you love, you can start asking for feedback from people who know your brand well.

A good tagline is going to be simple and elegant, like this one from Agmes Jewelry:

Future HeirloomsAgmes Jewelry

Your tagline should also be evergreen. That means it will always be relevant, even as you grow your brand, release new products, and hone your craft.

Think about this tagline from Francesca Villa:

Jewelry With Stories to TellFrancesca Villa

No matter what kind of jewelry this brand releases, the tagline will always stay relevant.

With all of these stunning examples in mind, I think you’re ready to start brainstorming some clever taglines and developing your unique branding!

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