#195 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies That Actually Work with Aggie Burnett

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What are you waiting for?

I asked my good friend Aggie Burnett, co-founder of Nomaterra fragrances, what she was waiting for to get to the next step in her business.

Since her early 20’s, she’s nourished relationships with beauty brands through good ol’ fashioned networking: asking questions, following up, and taking notes.

In her 300 sq ft NYC apartment, she spent time mixing and matching oils until she created what felt most aligned.

Fast forward to having her products sold in every, single Sephora nationwide

Talk about GOALS!!

Even after 5-6 years of experience in the beauty biz, Aggie knew she needed to drive things to the next level.

That’s where those guerrilla marketing tactics came in handy.

And they’ll come in handy for you too!

Listen to episode #195 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies that Actually Work with Aggie Burnett

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There wasn’t much direction for Aggie when she started selling beauty products.

It was her first company so you can imagine the growing pains of just “figuring it out”.

But there was always something to keep her anchored to her biggest business goals: her values.

“Make sure you are attributing your belief systems and your values to your company and to your brand…”

That’s because your brand is 100% an extension of you. And people can feel that.

In fact, that’s one of the most important guerrilla tactics of them all. Knowing your story well enough to tell it.

What makes your brand unique is how you choose to tell your story.

Aggie’s story is that she’s a rebel. A rule breaker. A paradigm shifter. Plus, she’s apart of a community of us trailblazers — myself included!

So every part of her biz, from copy, to marketing, are all about breaking convention and doing things differently.

Now THAT’S how you stick to your brand!


So…what do you think happens when you don’t have the money to fund your biz?

Failure is NOT an option.

Setting up a “shoestring budget” is the better way to go.

In order to get to her dream client Sephora, Aggie needed a way around self-funding EVERYTHING.

She took multiple steps (which she shares in this episode) and soon after she was shipping a beautiful box of products with a personalized note with all of her retail information, her cost information and a press kit! Whoa!

You have to find the ways around “What do I do now?” by being willing to try anything.

And for Aggie’s biz, cold contacting her dream client was just the bold move she needed to move up another level


For those of you that haven’t actually built a brand, Aggie’s got you covered there too.

Her advice? Leverage your skill sets.

Whether you’re a great graphic designer or just have a nice eye for photography, you should be putting those skills right in front.

Quit comparing your brand to the brands you love. Instead, compare what you’re good at to what you’re not so good at. Then barter THAT.

That’ll get you to hone in on your skills and to influence people through your tangible talents. It’s not only always selling. It’s about taking buyers on your journey.

You won't build loyal customers by just selling to them; they want to be a part of something bigger, so give them that.

And that’s just the facts, folks!

Hear more of Aggie’s tips on building and growing your business on episode #195 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies that Actually Work with Aggie Burnett.


xo, Tracy

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