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Want to Learn How to Build Your Jewelry Brand and Grow Your Fan Base Just by Selling in Boutiques and Specialty Stores?

(It’s not as challenging as you think)



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Designers who sell their jewelry in retail stores have more credibility and can gain bigger exposure to reach more of their raving fans and DREAM clients.

It's the truth. And it's probably already your DREAM to have your jewelry designs sold in boutiques and specialty stores around the world. So we know this is the training you’ve been waiting for!

The 6 Prong Approach to Successful Wholesale

In this training series, you’ll learn::

  • The New Economy of Wholesale
  • The 6 “Prong” Approach to Successful Wholesale
  • 4 Tools You Need Now to Get Started

Create a Trifecta Brand and learn the secrets to attracting those clients who might not otherwise find you!

My entire attitude and outlook for my jewelry business has turned around.
I was going into my 10th year and felt like a complete failure. I was heavily contemplating quitting my jewelry business. Now, not only is my business thriving, but my entire attitude and outlook for my jewelry business has turned around. I learned how to create a proper collection and how to present it to wholesale clients and the press.
Brooke Mosher, BrooklynCesigns.ca
I was picked up by a few of my top 10 dream accounts…
At the summer NY Now show, I was able to open more new accounts and attract more traffic to my booth. This is because F&T helped me to focus on developing a stronger collection for my dream stores, spend more time marketing to the dream stores and improve my overall booth presentation. I was picked up by a few of my top 10 dream accounts (Virtu, Kuhl Linscomb) and I reconnected with some old accounts (Laughing Dog Gallery, Grand Hand Gallery).
Ann Chikahisa, ChikahisaStudio.com
Before F&TA, my business lacked direction and focus. I was feeling burnt out and lost all of the time.
But Tracy and Robin know what you are thinking and struggling with before you do. They have a proven track record of success and, most importantly, they truly care about you as a person and as a business!By the end of August I had more than quadrupled my wholesale accounts, my retail sales had grown, and my product line was more cohesive. My sales by the end of August have already exceeded the total sales from the year before, and I still have 50% of my sales earning potential ahead of me! I have regained a sense of work / life balance. I have also learned how to run my business not let it run me! I also feel so much more confidence in myself and my brand than I did a year before.
Susan Harbourt, Susan-Harbourt.com

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