Win a Full Scholarship for F&TA's 2016 Multiply Your Profits Course!



Are you feeling burned out, overworked, and underpaid?


Is the day-to-day stress of your business making you re-think WHY you got started in this business in the first place?


Then you need Multiply Your Profits, our 6-week virtual course that teaches you how to break FREE from the daily grind, open up space for creativity, and create a better flow in your business!


And today you have a chance to get it all for FREE!


We are offering a full scholarship to Multiply Your Profits 2016 (coming in early May). All you have to do is enter a special submission into our contest.


Read the rules below very carefully, then get started!


Here are the rules of entry:


Step # 1

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and like us on Facebook


Step # 2

We want to know…

  1. What do you feel overwhelmed with in your business?
  2. What is your big picture vision for your biz?
  3. Why do you want a scholarship to Multiply Your Profits?

You can answer those questions in one of two ways

Video Submission:

  1. Record yourself answering our questions. Your video MUST be less than 90 seconds.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube and make it PUBLIC.
  3. Your Video Title must be: Flourish & Thrive Academy Multiply Your Profits Scholarship Video by (Your Name)
  4. To complete this step, leave a comment below this post with a link to your YouTube video entry.
  5. Make sure to follow each of these instructions very carefully!

Written Submission:

  1. The written submission answering our questions MUST be shorter than 300 words.
  2. To complete your valid entry, post your answers to the three questions on your blog and paste a link to your blog post in the comments below this post.
  3. If you don't have a blog you can post your 300 word or less answer in the comments here, but brownie points will be given for a blog post.


Step # 3

If you haven't already… watch all the videos in our FREE training series From Overwhelm to FREEDOM. (CLICK HERE for access to the videos)


  1. Write down 3 of your biggest “aha” moments from the training
  2. Post what you've written on Facebook or Instagram (or both!)
  3. Your post MUST include this hashtag: #MYP2016Scholarship and this link:


Bonus Points!

We will be awarding extra points for engagement on your social media post so make sure you encourage people to Like, Comment, and Share!


You can also use some of these swipe social media for brownie points (we will only be counting 3 posts a day).


Twitter Swipe:

  • Pls RT Help me win a free ticket to @flourish_thrive’s Multiply Your Profits course #MYP2016Scholarship
  • This @flourish_thrive scholarship is all mine! #MYP2016Scholarship Pls RT
  • Pls RT I Just entered @flourish_thrive’s Multiply Your Profits contest! #MYP2016Scholarship
  • I am a jewelry designer gettin’ biz savvy! Just entered @flourish_thrive contest!  #MYP2016Scholarship


Facebook / Instagram Swipe (tag us):

  • Help me win a scholarship to @Flourish_Thrive's Multiply Your Profits! I am ready to get out of the grind and spend more time in my creative zone! Please comment below and share this with your friends.


Contest ENDS – Sunday, April 24th at 11:59 PM EDT.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, April 26th during our LIVE FREE Training!

Tracy, Robin & the F&TA team will be the judges. Yes, our decision is completely subjective. It is also final. Just be honest, creative and confident!


Don't forget

  • BE CREATIVE! The winner will be chosen based on who delivers the most compelling submission
  • BE HONEST: if you don't hold back in your submission, you might learn something about yourself
  • FOLLOW THE RULES: if you skip any of the steps we won't consider your submission


Good Luck Everyone!