You’re Invited to a Free Branding Call with Laura Garnett

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Due to the overwhelming response, we are having a FREE call with Laura Garnett the Business Matchmaker.

Laura is a branding expert who is a master at helping entrepreneurs uncover their Zone of Genius!


Genius Brand Barrier #1 – This is a free live Q&A call with Laura Garnett, the Business Matchmaker, who will help you learn why what's been done before is NOT good for your jewelry brand.

This call was recorded November 16th. The download will be available until December 1st.

We're sorry, this call is no longer available.

Here are some of the Rave Reviews we have received about Laura's expertise.

“Laura is a Genius! She had me thinking about my brand in a totally different way!”

“Wow, I feel totally empowered since the call with Laura. I finally feel free to be ME in my branding.”

“O.M.G. Just had my Zone of Genius session with Laura Garnett. Wow. I am still in shock, really. She just jumped inside me brain/body and pulled out “ME”. Intense stuff!”

Come live to ask Laura questions in person (the best way). The call will be recorded if you can't make it live. So make sure you get on the list.