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Between the two of you, the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience is still mind boggling to me!! I love that you come from two different viewpoints and complement each other. The partnership is a stroke of genius!

Grace Toleque, Grace & Angeline

I’ve had 3 record breaking months since taking the course. Thank you for all the amazing information and eye-opening course that has already helped increase my income!

Heather Powers, Humble Beads

Your courses have offered a priceless amount of insight and I honestly feel like I have more tools in my tool belt now. I’m not scared to tackle new challenges because I have the knowledge and support to push through adversity.

Irina Victoria, Irina Victoria Jewelry

I got the kick in the pants I needed to take my business more seriously and act like a CEO. The simple “act like a CEO” concept has shifted my approach to jewelry design 100%.

Lauren Neal, Carrier Pigeon Jewelry

Since I started F&TA I have definitely seen major growth in my business. I decided to work with Tracy & Robin because of the amazing knowledge, support and community I receive from F&TA, and I’m so glad I have. I’ve seen a 15% increase in sales!
Colleen Mauer, Colleen Mauer Designs

Robin and Tracy, you’ve done an amazing job. I hope you know how awesome you both are sharing your knowledge and experience. TODAY’S JEWELRY WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have the tools I’ve been needing to fully realize my potential. I am no longer drowning in a sea of self doubt. Your course has armed me with a blast of enthusiasm and confidence.

Jeanette Walker