Are you struggling to finish your collection on time? You’re not alone!
Back in the day, when I was traveling to trade shows and needed a full sample line of jewelry to display, I was the worst. Late into the night before my early morning flight, I would be awake finishing up lines sheets, tagging and pricing pieces… ALL because the collection was completed only a few days before. It was stressful! [READ MORE]
6 Jewelry Designers Reveal the Secret to Rapid Success
Do YOUR loved ones think you are CRAZY that you desire to follow your DREAM of becoming a successful jewelry designer? OR maybe your friends and family give you loads of encouragement but they have awful advice and just can’t relate to YOUR STRUGGLES?? A LACK of support for your jewelry business DREAMS can feel like: T [READ MORE]
Warning: If You Don’t Use This Tool, Your Marketing Will Suffer
Are you lost for things to blog about or post on social media? If you are feeling stuck about what to write about for your blog or social media or are having difficulty curating content for Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll definitely want to watch this video! I admit it! When it comes to marketing for my jewelry business, I used [READ MORE]
Laying the Foundation is guaranteed to change your life and your jewelry business! In this 6-week, super in-depth course we teach you how to build a successful business platform guaranteed to yield cash, clarity and freedom. And today you have a chance to get it all for FREE! We are offering two scholarships to Laying the Foundation 2 [READ MORE]
What selling on QVC taught me about Value (and how to communicate it)
Several years ago, I landed a HUGE order for QVC. I was so excited to be working with them, as it was going to open up my designs to an entire NEW breed of clients. Before my first show aired, I was required to participate in a sales training. Even though I had done some of the exercises before unintentionally, the trainer for the [READ MORE]
Designer Spotlight: Marlene Chiasson
A brief story of what you do and why you do it: I create one-of-a-kind designs to help women find the piece of accessory that will boost their confidence, make them feel beautiful and unique when they are out on the town, feel comfortable in a networking or meeting setting, have the right item to match a wedding attire or just feel g [READ MORE]
How to Set Powerful Intentions
Happy New Year Designers! One of the best things about starting a New Year is the “clean slate” factor! We all have a unique opportunity to start over! In order to do this, it’s important to know where you are going and it all starts with setting powerful intentions. A powerful intention backed by action is the key to ge [READ MORE]
3 Steps to Honor Yourself During the Holidays
Do you feel frazzled these last few days before Christmas? I know I do. Every year, without fail, I feel burned out right before Christmas comes. In fact, I shipped my last three orders of the year yesterday! For jewelry designers, the Holiday season is often quite hectic because it’s our top selling season. Instead of being ab [READ MORE]