The Strategies That Are Helping Jewelry Designers Triple Their Holiday Sales


What would you do if you could easily triple your sales and number raving fans over last year?

It’s a fact that the holiday season can account for nearly 50% of annual revenue for most jewelry businesses.

What most designers sometimes fail to remember is that preparing for the Holiday sales season starts now! (Yes, in the middle of the summer, as crazy as that sounds.) Editors are already pulling products for gift guides and holiday publications. The major wholesale jewelry trade shows happen in August. Now is the time (regardless of your business model) to start prepping for the Holiday gift giving season.

We’ve been able to trace and pinpoint a few methods that have guided designers to triple their sales last year (and we know that they’ll do the same this year). It all starts with implementing these strategies now so that by the time the holidays come around, sales are rolling in.

Today we are going to talk about The Strategies that are Helping Jewelry Designers Triple Their Holiday Sales.

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1. Gift Guides and Holiday Press

Holiday gift guides and other press hits during the holiday season can be a huge revenue driver for jewelry designers. Right now is the time to be approaching editors for product placement in the October, November and December issues. Start now to increase your chances of getting selected.

**Make sure you pitches have an angle and are relevant and appropriate to the magazine. Make it easy for editors to feature your work.

2. Instagram

Many of the designers who are having great success with a direct to consumer business are using Instagram to build their following and sales. Creating a strong instagram strategy, posting relevant posts at least twice a day, hashtagging appropriately and building your following are key to converting sales from IG.

Here are a few more Instagram tactics that convert to sales.

3. Items of the week

Start now with items or the week or month to promote in your email newsletter or for social media promotion. Giving your DREAM clients something to look forward to every week or month gives them a reason to keep coming back for more. You can use the same strategy for wholesale.

Don’t hold back with an item of the week. Use these sales strategies all year long.

4. Referrals and Ambassadors

Client referrals and brand ambassadors can be one of your biggest revenue drivers. Get your current clients talking about you big time. Give incentives for referrals, feature your best clients in your newsletters, on social media and in blog posts. Ambassadors are also a great way to build your brand recognition especially if they have a big following or are major networkers. Think outside the box on how this can work.

5. Accountability

The best way to stay on track with these strategies is to stay accountable with someone or a group of designers.  Identify your goals for the holiday season, and break them up into more digestible weekly or monthly objectives. Hold yourself accountable by finding an accountability partner, checking it with a team member or joining a community like F&TA.

Since most of us designers are our own bosses, it’s hard to remember the value of reporting to someone and having others track your progress. Make sure you have others to hold you accountable and you’ll thank yourself by the end of the Holiday Sales Season.

For more tips on how to increase your momentum this holiday, enroll here for our FREE training that is happening on Wednesday. More details below.

In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. What are some of your favorite strategies for growing your business?

2. Which of the above are you going to implement today?

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