Does Marie Forleo’s B-School Really Work for Jewelry Designers? Find out from these designers…

When my wholesale business failed, I was pretty devastated. I spent 11 years building a business that ended up falling flat on its face. In the end, my dream was shattered and I just felt mostly a lot of confusion about my purpose in life.

I despised my life at that time. My happiness level was at an all time low and I knew I needed something  to help me inspire change in my life.

And then I found Marie Forleo and took her B-School Program.


Within 18 months of enrolling the following happened:

  • My profits skyrocketed and I had my first month of $30K in profits for my jewelry biz.
  • My website was redesigned to capture leads resulting in several organic lead inquiries every week from people who found me via web searches.
  • I am able to convert the organic leads from my website to sales at a rate of 50%.
  • Many of the women in the B-School community have become clients of mine. I can track at least $50,000 in jewelry sales back to B-School referrals. (worth the price of admission).
  • My branding completely elevated to a level that my clients started asking if I hired a branding expert.
  • My mailing list increases by 50 or more new subscribers a month.
  • My email open rate increased by 20%.
  • My sales continue to increase year after year.
  • The community has become an insane system for me for support, networking and referrals.
  • My business is set up in a way that I can work remotely. I often travel internationally for weeks at a time.
  • I feel so much more creative, and I LOVE my life!
  • I was featured on Marie’s behind the scenes video in 2012, 2013 and 2014 because of my success with the program.
  • My business is set up so it works for me. I have so much more FREEDOM!
  • I am no longer afraid to go after my DREAMS because I am living it!

I am a proud affiliate partner for Marie Forleo’s B-School. Duh. Why wouldn’t I be? Her program works. My life is amazing not just because of the marketing techniques she teaches but because I have learned how to create my jewelry business on my own terms.

I am offering nearly $1900 in B-School Bonuses for those who enroll using my partner link.


If you are still on the fence, I am hosting a FREE Q&A and interactive training on Monday, February 24th at 1 pm. Go Here to register.

But don’t take it from me! below I interview Several designers who have taken B-School and the results are astounding.

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Melissa Camelierri of

Melissa’s Results:

  • Increased her sales by 500% as soon as she enrolled in B-School.
  • Grew her community of followers/list from 80-1000 within less than a year.
  • Had the courage to quit her full time job with benefits to pursue her passion.
  • Cut her first paycheck to herself and is committed to paying herself every month.

Katy Mims of

Katy’s Results:

  • Gained 30% more subscribers and continues to grow her list on a monthly basis.
  • Her profit margins have increased, she is working fewer hours and she is making more money.
  • Her newsletters are targeted and have an intention behind them.
  • Has more time to spend with her children and her family.

Sara Pocius of

Sara’s Results:

  • Landed a HUGE partnership with a National company resulting in a 100+ unit initial order and more to come.
  • Shifted her handmade business to a jewelry business that was fully aligned with her creativity and values.
  • Developed a website that has become awesome for e-commerce.
  • Maximized her time and the ability to grow by focusing on learning rather tahn searching for the info herself online.

Justine Standaert of

Justine’s Results:

  • Increased her sales by 4 times over the previous year.
  • Doubled her email lists before B-School even ended and experienced 70% open rate for emails (that’s HUGE)!
  • Learned how to present her business and create an online presence that helped elevate her brand recognition.
  • Organized her business in a way that resulted in increase organization and profits.

Are you convinced that this may be the program that will increase your sales online, elevate your branding and grow a consistent stream of ideal clients?

Enrollment for B-School is open Today, February 19th and closes March 5th until 2015.

For those who decide to enroll using my unique partner link, you’ll enjoy the Bonus Experience Below:

Tracy’s B-School Bonuses:

  • Dream Client Intensive $98 Value
  • Deep Dive Online Marketing Intensive for Jewelry Designers (4-part Training) $600 value
  • How to Write from Your Heart  Workshop $400 Value
  • Two Live 1 hour group Q&A calls with Tracy $600 Value
  • Multiply Your Profits $200 Discount off enrollment

Total Bonus Value $1898


Remember, If you are still on the fence, I am hosting a FREE Q&A and interactive training on Monday, February 24th at 1 pm.

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In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. What is your biggest struggle with attracting more ideal clients online?

2 Have you taken B-School? If so, what were your BEST results.

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