#31 Jewelry Publicity Trends That are Working Right Now with Olga Gonzalez

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Public Relations is a real mixed bag in the jewelry industry. I meet a ton of designers who ignore it all together (not a good idea!).


Others know that PR is important to get exposure for their brand, but have know idea where to start.



And, finally, I meet a good amount of designers who are putting too much effort into old PR methods (like blindly sending out press releases) and getting zero traction.


Enter Olga Gonzalez, the CEO and Founder of Pietra PR.


Olga has over ten years of experience working within the field of jewelry communications. She has a crazy impressive resume (listen to the podcast to hear more), but for now let’s just say that when it comes to jewelry industry publicity… Olga knows her stuff.


Click ‘play’ below to listen to Olga’s advice on Jewelry Publicity Trends That are Working Right Now. Or… scroll down to to catch a few of the highlights of the conversation!


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Start Local


Get out of your workshop and get involved in your community! Olga says to start your PR campaign locally… participate in lots of neighborhood activities and interact with with local stores and maybe even schools.


Going grassroots is a great way to build a word-of-mouth reputation for your brand and kickstart your organic reach.


Stay On Top of the Trends


Your jewelry doesn’t necessarily need to be trendy, but you need to know all about the hot topics in the jewelry industry.


Why? One word…




Having editors write about your brand in a natural way (not an advertising placement) is invaluable for your brand!


And the best way to build relationships with publications and their editors is to be valuable to them…


Pitch story ideas that are fresh and relevant to their readership. Think of new, innovative angles for stories that nobody else has covered yet.


The more excited and trusting they become of you and your brand, the more likely they are going to start mentioning you in their magazine.


Leverage Your Publicity


First and foremost… keep track of EVERYTHING and share it EVERYWHERE!


Keep a portfolio and link your press write ups on your website, your blog, and on your social media.


Show your PR coverage to past, current and potential clients.


What it boils down to, Olga says, is making your PR as large as possible. To be successful, you need to not only reach outside of your personal network, you need to have OTHER people reach out to their networks as well.


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