10 Under-Utilized Strategies to Double Your Holiday Sales

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Man it’s H-O-T here in NYC so…

You might think we are crazy to be talking about Holiday Sales in July!

Well, we aren’t… LOL…

Did you know that most buyers place their jewelry orders for the Fall and Holiday seasons by August?

Yup, it’s true. When I had my first business about 70% of my orders for September through November were booked by the end of August. The other 30% we sold during the actual Holiday Season.

With that being said, nearly 60% of my yearly revenue shipped during those 4 months. That’s a huge chunk of change!

That’s why strategizing NOW is going to make a HUGE difference in a month or two!

Even if you don’t wholesale your jewelry brand, it’s important to start planning your marketing strategy NOW.

Trust me: if you start planning NOW you’ll be prepared to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sales this Holiday Season.

Even though we keep talking about Holiday Sales, the principles I am about to teach you are timeless and can be used at any time during the year for more sales, building momentum and meeting or exceeding your goals.

Listen up! Here are 10 Under-Utilized Strategies For Doubling (and Boosting) Your (Holiday) Sales

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Which of those tips will you use this holiday season? and what other tricks do you have up your sleeve for Holiday Promotions?

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