#102 4 Ways to Spike Your Sales This Holiday Season

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It might sound crazy, but it really is time to start focusing on your Q4 jewelry sales!


Since most jewelry designers make the majority of their sales during the Holiday season (Q4), it’s super important!


Planning and staying on the ball is the best way to set yourself up to rock your holiday sales!


Oh, and I did I mention on today’s episode we have a ton of resources for you (to help you do exactly that!)


If you’re ready to plan for your 2017 holiday jewelry sales, grab your favorite pen and notebook and settle in for a real treat!


Press play to get started!


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More Offerings, Not Better


Energy is a valuable asset! Spreading yourself too thin can sometimes make your profitability (and sanity) drain to zero


Focus your energy on the things that bring you joy! Don’t stress over something that isn’t super profitable or fun for you. It’s your business, do it your way!


Plan (+ Party!)


The Holiday season is a wonderful time to collaborate with a complementary brand! Now is the time to partner with someone like someone who sells handbags or candles and plan a trunk show or house party!


Getting this on the calendar now is super important! Everyone’s calendar fills up around the Holidays so get out in front of this to really rock your jewelry sales!


Get Clear on Strategies & Tactics


Here’s a pro-tip! Setting goals is great, but have you tried mapping them down to daily tasks? I call it strategies & tactics.


First, set a goal, then find out what marketing strategies you could use to reach that goal. Then decide which tactics (social media, blogging, etc.) you will do to execute on those strategies!


I explain this in more detail on today’s episode! Take a listen now!


We have some amazing resources for you to take with you and implement right now for this Holiday season.


You can grab the Sales Amplifier Formula here >>>


jewelry sales


Remember to test, test, test! Once you try something, go deep on what’s working! Keep tweaking and making sure you’re doing what works best for you!


xo, Tracy


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