#105 Easy! 5 Action Steps to Boost Your Sales Using Pinterest

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Rich pins, shoppable pins, and promoted pins.

Do you know the difference?

If your answer is “um…what?” you’re not alone!

We’re getting a bunch of questions about how to grow your Pinterest account lately.

So, you guessed it, I brought in a Pinterest expert to be your guiding light through the deep sea of pretty pins!

Her name is Marissa Wood and she launched Blue Fairy Studios in 2015 where she helps business owners as their Pinterest strategist.

We’re covering everything from bios to board booster so if you’re looking to sell more jewelry on Pinterest, take a listen right now m’dear!

Let’s get started!

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Power of Pinterest for Product Based Businesses

Pinterest isn’t really social media, it’s more of a search engine! It’s kinda like google with just the pictures!

If you’re not really sure what you want to buy, heading over to Pinterest to get ideas is like the “window shopping” site of the internet! Good news…this makes jewelry a great product for Pinterest!

Pinterest Business Account, Yay or Nay?

Using a personal account to sell or promote product on Pinterest is actually a big “no, no” in their terms of service! Yikes! Who knew?

Getting analytics, brand authority, and the ability to boost your pins all comes with leaving your personal account behind and signing up for their business account. So don’t be afraid! This is an important step in making your jewelry business stand out on Pinterest.

Curate Content Collections

Following the 80/20 rule (listen to the show for deets) for pins is a good way to keep your Pinterest boards search engine friendly! Only pinning your own content keeps the “reach” of your pins confined to people who follow you.

The more content you’re curating from around Pinterest, the more you will show up when people search for that type of content.

Listen to the episode to hear Marissa’s advice on joining group Pinterest boards and how they boost your credibility and following!


Marissa seriously made me feel like I’ve been missing out on some Pinterest opportunities! What a great episode and a great guest to have for both this episode and our Diamond Insiders training!

I want to take another quick moment to thank our wonderful sponsor, Shopify.

Like Marissa mentioned, just one of the benefits to having a Shopify website is creating “rich pins” on Pinterest! So your info will follow it around wherever it goes!

It’s seriously a great platform and they’re offering our community a free trial, if you want to check that out.

xo, Tracy

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