#107 Clever Ways to Split Test Images to Grow Your Etsy Sales

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Lots of jewelry designers get started by setting up an Etsy shop!


Selling jewelry on Etsy is a really great way to get yourself out there, but getting noticed on Etsy is an art of its own.


If you’ve been feeling lost in a big sea of Etsy jewelry designers, you’re not alone!


In fact, we’ve had a few Etsy experts on the show lately! The reason I’m super excited about today’s guest is because he’s a Yale professor and he’s here to boost your sales!



Jason Abaluck is an Economics professor at Yale University and the founder of Whatify. He uses science (not guesswork) to get your Etsy listing in front of people who are ready to buy!


It’s all about testing your images, peeps…


Let’s get into the episode and figure out what scientific strategy Jason has up his sleeve!


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Taking the Guesswork Out of Getting Etsy Sales


Ever wish someone would just tell you how to list your jewelry on Etsy? It’s not enough to post something and hope it does well. You need to experiment!


Jason and his team at Whatify do the experimenting for you. Figuring out how to increase traffic to your shop is the first step in getting an increase in sales later.


Etsy Myth-Busters


There’s a bunch of advice about getting traffic on Etsy. How do you know if it’s good advice? Be careful which advice you’re following on your listings!


Just because a white background works well on your personal website doesn’t mean it will convert well on Etsy. This is why Jason and his team at Whatify are doing a sort-of Etsy Myth-Busters series to test if the advice circulating the internet actually works… Pretty cool, huh?


Knowing Your Numbers isn’t Enough


Your shop views and analytics are great to look at trends and see what’s going on, but that doesn’t tell you what to do next. There’s still a ton of guesswork, trial and error, and time put into that.


Whatify gives you action steps to increase your shop views! It’s running experiments in the background and compares how all your images will appeal to buyers, all without you lifting a finger!


It’s really amazing, and if you’re serious about your Etsy shop, this is something that can totally put you ahead of the pack.


What a huge time-saver, right?


What’s even better…Jason has been generous enough to offer an amazing Flourish & Thrive coupon code!


Subscribe to Whatify for 20% off your subscription for the first 6 months!




I’m so excited about this, seriously, I’d love to know your thoughts on this in the comments below!


xo, Tracy


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