#118 Top Takeaways and Highlights from Flourish & Thrive Live Part 2

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Flourish and Thrive Live was so much fun we extended our recap from one episode to two!


I still can’t believe the event was almost a month ago, time seriously flies!


My amazing partner in crime, Robin Kramer, is back with us today, yay!


We’re recapping more of our favorite moments and takeaways from the event so even if you didn’t make it live in NYC, you can get the full scoop on our biggest highlights!


If you missed out on part one make sure you check that out, too!


So let’s get started now!


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Protecting Yourself Legally


Protecting yourself legally is good for your soul. No really! Our lovely Lisa Fraley spoke at the event and mentioned several aspects of your business that actually line up with your chakras. How cool is that?


Knowledge is power. I know sometimes this stuff seems scary, but it’s not so bad! Making sure your business is legally protected at the beginning is super important, because when your success finally comes you don’t want someone else taking credit.


Making Sure Your Jewelry is Insured


We were surprised how many designers had questions about insurance! But it makes sense, it can be a real lifesaver and gives you peace of mind. No matter what level of business you’re at, covering at least your inventory is a good start!


Taking small steps is the best way to approach a topic like this. It’s also helpful to be more aware of things you’re doing day to day. Always being mindful when you’re working in your studio, posting online, or moving inventory.


It Takes a Village


It’s so much more fun in a village than it is in a bubble! Sometimes we all need a little social interaction and in person connection to help spur us into action.


I can’t tell you how many times I heard a designer say they “need to do that” or have been “wanting to get started for a while”. By the end of the 2 days they had already done it! It happens that fast!


This is why we just loved hosting Flourish & Thrive LIVE! Seeing you, talking with you, and growing with you over the weekend is such a fantastic experience. We can’t wait for next year!


We love what we do here at Flourish & Thrive! We couldn’t do it without you!


One of the great things we noticed at the live event was the power of collaboration. When you get opinions and advice from people with totally new perspectives, you see possibilities for your business you never imagined.


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xo, Tracy & Robin



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