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(Digital) Marketing and E-Commerce

#165 The Secrets of a Successful Influencer Strategy

influencer marketing for jewelry brands

Using influencer marketing for jewelry brands to grow brand awareness can be really effective.   Maybe you’re not sure how to partner with influencers, or which ones?   You’re not alone! Influencer marketing is a new thing for small businesses, but it’s really been around for decades.   Ever since Michael Jordan became the celebrity…

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#164 How to Use IGTV for Your Jewelry Business

IGTV for your jewelry business

Instagram recently added a new feature called IGTV and I’m excited about it!   The biggest reason is because it allows you to have your very own TV show – right on your Instagram account!   It’s like integrating everything YouTube has to offer into your Instagram. The biggest difference is that YouTube is still…

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#138 How to Test Your Opt-In Idea to Build Your Email List

Build your email list

Having a healthy, growing email list is the number one way to grow your online jewelry business. Maybe you heard me talk about this before, but seriously it’s true. The main challenge, though, is getting people to actually sign up for your list! I know you can relate. Before you throw in the towel, there’s…

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