#150 How to Build Recurring Revenue with Jewelry Subscription Boxes with Michael Adams

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Can you add recurring revenue to a jewelry business? The answer is yes.

Recurring revenue is the holy grail of sales, why?

Because your customers pay you every month (or year) for the services you provide!

This is a fantastic way to abandon the “feast or famine” cycle of business ownership.

No matter what kind of jewelry you design, you can add this subscription box idea as a new revenue stream!

Our guest, Michael Adams, from Gourd Jewels, sold over $20,000 in jewelry over the last 6 months using this subscription box model! And he’s just getting started.

He’s doing really amazing things, designing jewelry for strong, native american, matriarchal women who take pride in their family.

Michael is in love with seeing women feel beautiful and confident by wearing his jewelry.

Hear the rest of his story by listening to the show now!

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Listen to Your Customers

Ask your audience if they’re interested in something like this. Gauge the interest of a few different pieces you can offer and see what they like best.

Michael heard from his customers they wanted something special and unique from him. This made him think to include affirmations and inspirational messages in his subscription box.

There are so many more ideas he shares to get started!

Get Creative with Subscriptions

You can create a separate subscription box featuring each element of your collection. One for your statement piece, upsell piece, and gateway piece. Maybe you can offer a bundle as a subscription! Michael shares more ideas on the show!

When you offer different levels of subscriptions, you can experiment with lots of ways to serve your clients. The main thing to remember is come up with ideas to “wow” your customers more and more each month.

Include Elements of Surprise

You can offer a special design each month that your customers won’t see until they open the box. This makes them feel like they’re getting a special present from you.

The way you package it makes the experience for the customer. The packaging can have an element of surprise, too! Maybe you have confetti, ribbons, or leather? Think of how you want them to feel when they experience your brand and infuse them into your box!

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